Home Year in Review: Home Storage, Organization, Non-Electric Cleaning
December 18, 2023

Year in Review: Home Storage, Organization, Non-Electric Cleaning

HomePage News presents a Year in Review, a gallery of key product introductions from 2023. This gallery looks at home storage, organization and non-electric cleaning products.


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YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder

The DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder by YouCopia holds 50-plus dishwasher pods in a flip-down bin. The bin has a wide opening to make it easy to refill pods or clean in case of spills.

Prepara Adjustable Drawer Organizer

The Prepara Adjustable Drawer Organizer, made from heavy-duty, BPA-free polypropylene, incorporates two side wings for assorted gadgets and six divider panels for customization. The dividers can be moved to suit customers’ unique cutlery needs. It is designed to be easy to clean and gentle on silverware. 

YouCopia DoorStash Garbage Bag Dispenser

YouCopia’s DoorStash Garbage Bag Dispenser holds a standard roll of 13-gallon garbage bags that dispense through a wide front opening. A removable lid with top tray offers quick reloading and additional storage for other small items.

Spectrum Brands Euro-Tension Paper Towel Holder

The Euro-Tension Paper Towel Holder by Spectrum Brands is designed with an arm that pivots to prevent tearing, a weighted base with a non-stick bottom; and fits both standard and jumbo rolls. The tension paper towels are available in three designs, each to bring its own unique flair to the kitchen. 

Delta Cycle Heavy-Duty Rail Rack

Delta Cycle’s Heavy-Duty Rail Rack can hold up to six bicycles, including e-bikes. It is designed to store bikes up and off the floor, maximizing storage capacity in a small footprint. The heavy-duty rail rack is fully adjustable and is equipped with tire trays, saving walls from dirt and scuff marks.

YouCopia ReStickable Drawer Dividers

The ReStickable Drawer Dividers by YouCopia have reusable nano-suction brackets with no installation or sticky residue. The dividers are created to have a slim footprint for maximized storage space and slide off the bracket easily for cleaning or repositioning. Sets are available in two different sizes for deep (4 inches, 2-pack) and shallow (2.5 inches, 3-pack) drawers. The dividers come in a speckled white color, expand up to 24 inches, require a minimum interior drawer length of 12 inches and are made of BPA-free, post-industrial recycled plastic. 

Evercare Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover

The Evercare Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover has dual-sided combs that allow for the use of each comb for different needs. The metal comb can help with deep cleaning needs on carpet, furniture and other sturdy/rough fabric, while the delicate comb is ideal for use on clothes made with cotton, knit or other thin fabrics, the company said. It is also designed to be reusable.

YouCopia ShelfBin Packet Organizer

The ShelfBin Packet Organizer has four compartments to stash pouches and packets in the pantry. The storage is tiered to make items easier to see and the built-in handles make it easier to grab. The organizer is BPA-free and made from recycled ABS.

O-Cedar PACS

O-Cedar PACS are portioned floor cleaning packs that contain deep cleaning enzymes. The packs are designed to be used with O-Cedar EasyWring and RinseClean spin mop systems, and they can be used with any mop and bucket, said the company. Consumers can drop one PAC into the bucket and watch the fizz and mop. PACS are available in citrus or lavender and are made with 97% naturally derived ingredients with no ammonia, bleach or parabens, according to O-Cedar.

YouCopia StoraRoll Food Wrap Dispenser

The YouCopia StoraRoll Food Wrap Dispenser is designed to cut aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment and wax paper by pulling through slots to stretch across the cutting track. The safety blade glides back and forth for a clean cut. The dispenser has a removable lid for quick reloading and non-slip feet to hold the unit in place while holding two standard 13″ rolls. The product is made from recycled ABS plastic.

Spectrum Brands Madison Countertop Collection

The newly refreshed Spectrum Brands’ Madison Countertop Collection consists of several organizational tools created for the kitchen countertop. These include a napkin holder, paper towel holder, fruit bowl, banana tree, and fruit tree. The black design is accented by light-toned wood, adding a bit of a rustic look to the kitchen.

YouCopia SinkSuite Cleaning Caddy

The YouCopia SinkSuite Cleaning Caddy is a plastic basket that holds up to 20 pounds of cleaning supplies including cleaning bottles, cloths, brushes and sponges with a slim design. Hanging loops hold spray bottles, cleaning cloths and rubber gloves on an upper tier while two adjustable dividers keep bottles upright and organized below. The caddy is made from high-quality recycled plastic.

Nellie’s Dish Butter

Nellie’s Dish Butter is a high-performing, semi-solid dishwashing detergent and is packaged in a zero-waste, reusable ceramic container. The soap has a soft buttery texture and can be easily picked up by a dish brush, sponge, or cloth. In keeping with the increased popularity of sustainable goods, Nellie’s said that one butter dish is designed to replace two to three regular-sized plastic liquid dish detergent bottles. This allows for keeping single-use plastic out of landfills and waterways. The container can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

YouCopia DrawerFit Sliding Bin & DrawerFit Sliding Tray

The DrawerFit Sliding Bin and DrawerFit Sliding Tray by YouCopia create a second tier of storage to elevate items to convenient reach. The bin can store items like grilling tools, mitts and kitchen towels to free up space below. The tray includes two adjustable dividers for customizable storage that keeps smaller items in view.

Both products come in a speckled white color, expand up to 24 inches, feature locking teeth to hold at the desired length, require a minimum interior drawer length of 14 inches and are made of BPA-free post-industrial recycled plastic.

Soapbuds by Everyday Solutions

Able to be used for soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, bath bubbles or every dish detergent, Soapbuds is both easy to use and can be refilled, the company said. Designs include a whale, penguin, elephant, duck and hippo and are made to be durable, including no glass or ceramic pieces. Available now, these pumps can handle a variety of soaps, with the exception of foaming ones.

YouCopia StoraBag Plastic Bag Dispenser

The YouCopia StoraBag Plastic Bag Dispenser collects 40+ plastic grocery bags in a space-saving organizer. Users can stuff plastic bags through the opening while a spring-loaded platform pushes bags to the top of the dispenser so they can be pulled for another use. When full, an indicator on the base turns blue and the lid slides off for unloading. The dispenser is made from high-quality recycled plastic and steel.

Bemis Mr. Clean Toilet Seat Collection

The Bemis Mr.Clean toilet seat collection is designed for both style and function. An  antimicrobial agent is built into the seat to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The soft-close feature ensures a slow and silent descent, and the seat can be removed easily for cleaning. The patented Stay-Tite installation system is made to ensure the seat stays in place.

The Bemis Mr. Clean toilet seats are available in both plastic and wood for round-front and elongated toilets and is available exclusively online and in stores from The Home Depot.

Spectrum Brands Hexa Lazy Susan

The Hexa Lazy Susan by Spectrum Brands is designed to help optimize space in the refrigerator. Dubbed Hexa Lazy Susans, this line is crafted from durable plastic and features a 360-degree rotation allowing for easy organization of the fridge, pantry, cupboard, or vanity. Available in small, medium and large sizes, a raised edge helps to keep products from falling, while a rubber base keeps Hexa in place.

YouCopia StoraBag Bag Organizer

The StoraBag Bag Organizer by YouCopia has four adjustable dividers that snap into a base to create custom-sized compartments that keep bags upright for selection. The organizer stores 20+ folded cloth bags, grocery totes and gift bags in a compact space. The organizer contains non-slip feet designed for sturdy storage and built-in handles on the bag holder base to pick up for reloading or adjustment. The StoraBag Bag Organizer is made from high-quality, recycled plastic.

Big Mouth Parcel Drop Storage Units

Big Mouth Parcel Drop Storage Units can be used to accommodate food/grocery delivery, prescriptions, documents, parcels, and alcoholic beverage delivery. Additionally, the roof and dual drop designs will accommodate larger packages, like golf clubs and wine, while remaining unobtrusive. Outgoing packages can also be placed in the unit for pickup, as a spring-loaded partition lever can notify delivery drivers there is a package inside.

The kit can be installed in both vertical and horizontal configurations with a lockable door for product retrieval.

Nellie’s Forever Brush

Nellie’s Forever Brush features a bristled edge with a foam core, as well as a sturdy bamboo handle. The head of the brush is interchangeable and can be replaced for different washing tasks. The handle is meant to be kept forever—or as long as possible—and the head can be replaced every four to six months.

Spectrum Brands Finley Kitchen Collection

Spectrum Brands Finley Kitchen Collection has a simple aesthetic, clean lines and a smooth black finish. This 10-piece collection features a napkin holder, paper towel holder, banana holder, mug holder, fruit tree, 2-tier server, trivet, spoon rest, cookbook and tablet holder, and a coaster container set.

Delta Cycle Premium Shelving Kit

The Delta Cycle Premium Shelving Kit is designed for indoor spaces like the living room or home office. An original design, this good has two tiers of shelving, designed to maximize organization space, while its modern design lends a chic touch. The adjustable height arms allow for maximum storage capacity and a custom solution. It is available in two finishes, wood and white.

Buddeez Wood Pellet Storage Dispenser

The Buddeez Wood Pellet Storage Dispenser offers a convenient storage solution for wood smoker pellets. The 4-gallon size dispenser can hold 20 pounds of wood smoker pellets and features a sturdy hand grip for easy lifting and pouring.

The distinctive stackable lid has a wide flip-top opening and a built-in pour spout for mess-free hopper refills. The dispenser comes with a dry-erase label and is made in the U.S.A. from food-grade, BPA-free plastic.

Compiled by Elizabeth Dempsey, Contributing Editor.

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