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March 8, 2023

Big Mouth Parcel Unveils Solution For Home Package Delivery

By: Emily Cappiello

Contributing Editor

From porch pirates to weather, leaving packages outside unattended isn’t ideal. But with so much shopping done online these days, there may not be an optimal choice – until now. Big Mouth Parcel is bringing a new line of organizational products to the front porch that are designed to help with that final delivery step.

Big Mouth Parcel has designed drop storage units that should be used to accommodate food/grocery delivery, prescriptions, documents, parcels, and soon alcoholic beverage delivery. Additionally, the roof and dual drop designs will allow for the accommodation of larger packages, like golf clubs and wine, while still remaining unobtrusive. Outgoing packages can also be placed in the unit for pickup, as a spring-loaded partition lever can notify delivery drivers there is a package inside.

The kit will be able to be installed in both vertical and horizontal configurations with a lockable door for product retrieval.

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