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July 24, 2023

YouCopia Focuses on Long-Term Sustainability with ‘Organizers Made Better’

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

YouCopia, known for its kitchen organizers, is working toward a more sustainable future through its program “Organizers Made Better.”

Lauren Greenwood, president of YouCopia, said that the company was looking for ways to present a more sustainable product for consumers, which led to the creation of Organizers Made Better.

The program breaks down into three parts, Greenwood said. The first involves how the product is sustainable through using post-industrial recycled materials and communicating to consumers the products aren’t meant to be disposable: The longer a product is kept in the house, the more sustainable it is. Secondly, YouCopia uses plastic-free curbside recyclable packaging, which complements its products that can be broken down for a more efficient shipping footprint. Lastly, in its business practices, the company is working with its factories to pass regular audits that check them on social and environmental standards.

“I think the initial feedback has been really strong,” Greenwood said. “Now we are trying to set new goals each year to improve upon what we started and go deeper with some of the goals and activities we are planning.”

While not all YouCopia products fit into Organizers Made Better now, Greenwood said the company is trying with each new product launch to incorporate post-industrial recycled materials and to look out for other materials that might be considered more sustainable in the future. “We want to get to get to a point where all of our products are either made of recycled materials or are recyclable,” she said, noting that they are also discussing end-of-life conversations for what consumers should do when they are done with a YouCopia product.

“You have to start somewhere,” Greenwood noted, saying that it’s important to have transparency with the consumers and show that you are making progress. The company plans to look back after the first year to gauge the percentage of the product line using those recycled materials and to ensure the company is getting closer to the goal of 100% within a reasonable time frame.


Products that are currently in the Organizers Made Better program include:

YouCopia ShelfBin Packet Organizer

The ShelfBin Packet Organizer has four compartments to stash pouches and packets in the pantry. The storage is tiered to make items easier to see and the built-in handles make it easier to grab. The organizer is BPA-free and made from recycled ABS.

The ShelfBin Packet Organizer has an SRP of $14.99.

YouCopia ShelfBin Stacking Pantry Bins

These two space-saving storage bins are designed for stacking to maximize vertical space or to sit side-by-side for a wide-open, yet organized look. The ShelfBin Stacking Pantry Bins have flip-down supports made for sturdy stacking and a wide front opening for quick access. The bins are durable, easy to clean and won’t rust or warp, said the company. They are made from BPA-free, recycled ABS resin.

The ShelfBin Stacking Pantry Bins have an SRP of $24.99.

YouCopia RollOut Pantry Drawer

This drawer keeps food staples “ready to roll,” according to the company.  It includes smooth-spinning wheels and sturdy handles designed to make it easy for the user to pull the drawer forward quickly while non-slip front feet keep the bin in place. The RollOut Pantry Drawer includes two adjustable dividers. The drawer is BPA-free and made with recycled ABS.

The RollOut Pantry Drawer has an SRP of $24.99.

YouCopia StoraRoll Food Wrap Dispenser

This food wrap dispenser is designed to cut aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment and wax paper by pulling through slots to stretch across the cutting track. The safety blade glides back and forth for a clean cut. The dispenser has a removable lid for quick reloading and non-slip feet to hold the unit in place while holding two standard 13″ rolls. The product is made from recycled ABS plastic.

The StoraRoll Food Wrap Dispenser has an SRP of $24.99.

YouCopia StoraBag Bag Organizer

The StoraBag Bag Organizer has four adjustable dividers that snap into a base to create custom-sized compartments that keep bags upright for selection. The organizer stores 20+ folded cloth bags, grocery totes and gift bags in a compact space. The organizer contains non-slip feet designed for sturdy storage and built-in handles on the bag holder base to pick up for reloading or adjustment. The StoraBag Bag Organizer is made from high-quality, recycled plastic.

The StoraBag Bag Organizer has an SRP of $19.99.

YouCopia RollDown Can Dispenser

The RollDown Can Dispenser allows two tiers of beverage storage holding 10 cans. Users can pull a can with one hand and the rest will roll forward. The slim, non-slip base fits all standard-size refrigerators, says the company. The dispenser is BPA-free and made from recycled ABS material.

The RollDoll Can Dispenser has an SRP of $19.99.

YouCopia SinkSuite Cleaning Caddy

This cleaning caddy is a plastic basket that holds up to 20 pounds of cleaning supplies including cleaning bottles, cloths, brushes and sponges with a slim design. Hanging loops hold spray bottles, cleaning cloths and rubber gloves on an upper tier while two adjustable dividers keep bottles upright and organized below. The caddy is made from high-quality recycled plastic.

The SinkSuite Cleaning Caddy has an SRP of $29.99.

YouCopia StoraBag Plastic Bag Dispenser

This bag dispenser collects 40+ plastic grocery bags in a space-saving organizer. Users can stuff plastic bags through the opening while a spring-loaded platform pushes bags to the top of the dispenser so they can be pulled for another use. When full, an indicator on the base turns blue and the lid slides off for unloading. The dispenser is made from high-quality recycled plastic and steel.

The YouCopia StoraBag Plastic Bag Dispenser has an SRP of $29.99.

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