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HomePage News Outlook 2022

Sizing Up Consumer Home + Housewares Purchase Expectations

In Cooperation with the International Housewares Association

The pandemic has defined a new consumer era…and the home is at the center of new consumer behaviors, activities and shopping priorities.

HomePage News Outlook 2022, a special print edition, will present results of an exclusive nationwide consumer survey examining key consumer purchase expectations, influences and other key considerations across a full spectrum of core Home + Housewares categories. The report will showcase expert analysis of the research results in a dynamic category-by-category format.

HomePage News Outlook 2022 will be released in February 2022, just ahead of The Inspired Home Show 2022 in Chicago. It will provide retailers with revealing, data-backed insights to help guide Home + Housewares merchandising and promotional plans for the coming year.

    Exclusive Hi-Impact Advertising Opportunity

    HomePage News Outlook 2022 will be a go-to resource for Home + Housewares retail decision makers. Align your new product and marketing message to in-depth research and analysis dedicated to your product category. Exclusive, full-page advertising opportunities are available for a limited number of pages facing coverage of consumer survey results for each core category.

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