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Innovations Show Deep Cleaning Still Top of Mind

While the days of excessive use of hand sanitizer may be behind us, the latest launches from several different cleaning brands show that many of the cleaning habits picked up during the pandemic are here to stay. Consumers want heftier cleans, deeper cleans and continued sanitization, but with ease of use and plenty of convenience.

Desire for Hand-Crafted Creativity Drives In-Home Coffee Rituals

In-home coffee is seemingly an ever-evolving art. What once was a pot of coffee made while still half groggy in the morning has turned into a leisurely, ritualistic act between coffee maker and coffee drinker. This is true whether the sipper is looking for a more upscale automatic coffee machine or turning their favorite Moka pot, French press or pour-over for the perfect morning (and afternoon and evening) brew.

Housewares Charity Foundation Gala Raises $1 Million

The housewares industry raised $1 million during the 2023 Housewares Cares Charity Gala presented by the Housewares Charity Foundation (HCF).

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