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March 6, 2023

Spectrum Debuts New Kitchen Organization at The Inspired Home Show

By: Emily Cappiello

Contributing Editor

Spectrum Brands is debuting a plethora of kitchen organization lines at the 2023 Inspired Home Show. These lines are meant to be able to coordinate with several different kitchen styles, from modern to farmhouse, to allow consumers the ability to keep the kitchen orderly, workable and fashionable.

Finley Kitchen Collection

Finley Kitchen Collection (pictured above), another new line for the brand, has simple aesthetic, clean lines, and a smooth black finish, the company said. This 10-piece collection features a napkin holder, paper towel holder, banana holder, mug holder, fruit tree, 2-tier server, trivet, spoon rest, cookbook and tablet holder, and a coaster container set.


Madison Countertop Collection

Madison Countertop Collection, newly-refreshed, consists of several organizational tools created for the kitchen countertop. These include a napkin holder, paper towel holder, fruit bowl, banana tree, and fruit tree. The black design is accented by light-toned wood, adding a bit of a rustic look to the kitchen.

Madison Countertop Collection

Euro Black Kitchen Collection

Newly-expanded for Spectrum Brands is The Euro Black Kitchen Collection. Also available in a sleek, black colorway, this collection is made in a more minimalist style and is designed to bring a contemporary vibe to any kitchen by showcasing a smooth and polished wire look. It is also crafted from solid steel, the company said. New releases in this line include a mug holder in two configurations, a weighted holder, a napkin holder, a banana holder, a fruit bowl, a trivet and a cookbook and tablet holder.


Euro-Tension Paper Towel Holder

Spectrum Brands will also show off a new line of tension paper towel holders at The Inspired Home Show. These are designed with an arm that pivots to prevent tearing, a weighted base with a non-stick bottom; and fits both standard and jumbo rolls. The tension paper towels are available in three designs, each to bring its own unique flair to the kitchen. 

Euro-Tension Paper Towel Holder

Yumi Kitchen Collection

The Yumi Kitchen Collection will see an expansion this year with seven new products. With gentle curves, smooth lines, and a modern touch, the line will expand to include a mug tree, fruit bowl, paper towel holder, 2-tier and 3-tier spice racks, a napkin holder and a utensil holder.


Hexa Lazy Susan

It’s not just the kitchen counter that Spectrum Brands will help organize this year. The brand is also rolling out a new line of Lazy Susans, which are designed to help optimize space in the refrigerator. Dubbed Hexa Lazy Susans, this line is crafted from durable plastic and features a 360-degree rotation allowing for easy organization of the fridge, pantry, cupboard, or vanity, the company said. Available in small, medium and large sizes, a raised edge helps to keep products from falling, while a rubber base keeps Hexa in place.

Hexa Lazy Susan

Contempo Countertop Collection

The Contempo Countertop Collection is designed with modern looks in mind. With a black finish, the storage line is designed to have everything needed for a streamlined look for all kitchen storage and organization needs. This includes a fruit bowl, fruit tree, ellipse fruit tree, paper towel holder, 2-tier server and a sugar packet tray. The company notes these goods are made from a solid steel construction for durability.

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