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November 30, 2023

Year in Review: Kitchen Tools, Food Storage and Cutlery

HomePage News presents a Year in Review, a gallery of key product introductions from 2023. This gallery looks at kitchen tools, food storage and cutlery.


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Microplane Mini V-Blade Mandoline

The Mini V-Blade Mandoline by Microplane is a compact and portable food processor, saving space in the kitchen while performing set tasks easily and effectively on a counter or in the backyard for barbecues. The Mini V-Blade Mandoline eliminates the need to master knife skills when it comes to slicing soft foods such as tomatoes and mushrooms and is flexible, delivering slices ranging from a paper-thin 0.10 inch up to a half inch.

Farberware SmartSharp by Lifetime Brands

The Farberware SmartSharp Knife Sharpener with LED Indicator by Lifetime Brands employs a patent-pending optical technology that allows users to set a knife through to get a reading on sharpness. A green light signals the knife is sharp, yellow means a little additional sharpening is needed and a red light signals the knife is dull and a point when thorough sharpening is necessary. To sharpen, a user pulls a knife through the SmartShop’s two-stage sharpening slots to get back into full cutting form.

NexTrend Products Garlic Twister

NexTrend Products’ Garlic Twister is a simple product with distinct advantages as it can process garlic effectively by bringing the two halves of the device together and giving them a spin. It minces garlic from coarse to fine and, in a nice turn, it can process other foodstuffs, including herbs, nuts and chili peppers alone and together, so users can get a nice ingredient mixture in one shot.

Dexas Prep-Tech Cutting Board

The Prep-Tech Cutting Board with Integrated Food Scale by Dexas International makes getting recipes right a more straightforward process. Essentially a scale built into an eco-friendly bamboo cutting board, it even includes a “tech slot” that supports a smartphone or tablet to bring the whole web-based cooking process together.

Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen

Kuhn Rikon’s Kinderkitchen is a line of children’s cooking tools that includes a pig mixing bowl, a rooster whisk, a goose mixing spoon, a sheep cutting board and a cat mezzaluna. The mezzaluna cutter features a childproof blade and secure-grip handle and comes complete with a sheath for safe storage.

Viking Hollow Ash Wood Handle 6-Piece Cutlery Set

Viking’s Hollow Ash Wood Handle 6-Piece Cutlery Set with Sheaths includes knives designed for elegance and performance. Designed to look like real wood, the water transfer handles provide a natural look without the maintenance of real wood. Ergonomically shaped handles incorporate a partial bolster to provide a more secure and comfortable grip. The 6-piece set with blades of German steel includes the essential knives that can help consumers complete tasks including an 8-inch chef’s knife, an 8-inch bread knife, an 8-inch carving knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, a 5-inch utility knife and a 3.5-inch paring knife.

Kuhn Rikon Colori + Art Vegetable Knives and Colori Cutting Boards

Kuhn Rikon’s Colori + Art Vegetable Knives are all-purpose kitchen preparation tools for peeling and cutting fruit, and the handle colors range from a vivid red to black with various fruit and herb patterns on the blades and even camouflage. The Colori Cutting Boards are sturdy but soft to prevent rapid knife dulling, are flexible and they come in colorful patterns.

Prepara Day of the Dead Taco Collection

The Prepara Day of the Dead Taco Collection has brightly colored, ornate designs based on Mexican motifs including stylized skulls. A tribute to the Mexican holiday, the products are made of break-resistant heavy-weight melamine. The collection consists of Multi Taco Holders, Taco Carousel and Taco Bowl, as well as a three-section tray.

Peugeot Maestro Mill

The French-made Maestro Mill by Peugeot features interchangeable compartments along with a selection of premium peppers that waft extraordinary aromas, including black pepper, white pepper, red pepper, wild pepper and pepper blend.

Widgeteer Jeanne Fitz Gadget Set

The Jeanne Fitz Gadget Set by Widgeteer includes a beveled edge spatula and a ladle and spoon, both with engraved measuring elements provided. Beechwood handles provide a comfortable grip and help keep hands away from hot food. Jeanne Fitz gadgets incorporate ingenious designs, including built-in serrated edges to slice into food, zesting surfaces for adding juice/rind to recipes, and a curved edge to replicate a simple spatula.

Oggi Double Wall Bar Glassware

Oggi’s Double Wall Bar Glassware is made from crystal clear borosilicate glass, and each Oggi double wall bar glass is hand-blown to ensure high quality. By design, the double wall glassware nicely frames drinks for an attractive presentation but also provides superior insulation, keeping drinks cooler longer even when enjoyed outdoors or while being held by warm hands.

GreenPan Walnut Cutlery

Crafted from recycled steel, GreenPan Walnut Cutlery features walnut handles that make the knives eco-friendly by helping minimize environmental impact. Each blade is cryogenically treated to remove residual stresses and is hand-sharpened and coated with titanium for long-lasting performance. GreenPan Walnut Cutlery also features a bonded coating made to help knives stay sharper for up to two times longer than otherwise. The coating reduces friction for smooth, easy cuts.

Peugeot Line Collection

The Peugeot Line Collection demonstrates Peugeot’s innovative streak and ability to create contemporary design with functionality. Peugeot’s Line Reverse Electric Corkscrew incorporates a fully automatic cork extraction system and a smart cork ejection feature designed to work with a flick of the wrist. Its practical, latest-generation Li-ion battery guarantees 80 extractions with a single charge and fast 2.5-hour charging.

MoHA Vertical Mandolin by Widgeteer

The unique Swiss design of Widgeteer’s MoHA Vertical Mandolin allows for easy, precise slicing of fruits and vegetables while reducing the risk of injury associated with traditional mandolins. Its secret is the internal placement of the cutting surface, which keeps sharp blades away from user hands. The vertical design also saves counter space, and a foldable base easily stores in most drawers. It comes with multiple cutting options easily inserted into and out of the mandolin.

Widgeteer Snips Portable Charcuterie Board

Widgeteer’s Snips Portable Charcuterie Board is an easy and attractive way to bring favorite meats and cheeses to tailgates, barbecues and festivals, keeping the food secure and critter free. Made with recyclable materials and film injection technology, the charcuterie board is designed to last a lifetime without cracking, peeling or fading.

Peugeot BBQ Mill

The BBQ Mill by Peugeot is specially designed for outdoor and grill-side use. The BBQ mill features rubber protections and a stainless-steel base for durability outdoors as well as an LED light that automatically switches on when the mill is tilted to a 25-degree angle. It is fitted with a carry ring on top for added convenience.

Cuisine Pro ID3 Black Samurai The Egg 9-Piece Knife Block

The Cuisine Pro ID3 Black Samurai The Egg 9-Piece Knife Block features a trademarked egg shape, crafted from quality stainless steel with a mirrored finish complemented by an acacia wood rim. The knives of Japanese Steel with a matte black antibacterial-ceramic coating are immune to acidic foods and stain resistant.

Oggi Silicone Ice Molds

The new Silicone Ice Molds by Oggi offers a set of two Large Square 6 Cube Ice Trays, one Large Ball Ice Tray which produces a large, slow-melt globular chilling agent and the Set of Two Crushed Ice Trays makes 160 icy squares at three-eighths inch that melt fast in liquid and enhance the drinking experience of a kicky Moscow Mule among other concoctions.

Peugeot Frizz Wine Sleeve

The Peugeot Frizz Wine Sleeve is fitted to help keep wines and champagne cool, even in the hot outdoors. Users keep Frizz in the freezer until ready to use with a bottle of champagne or wine, then wrap the sleeve around the bottle. The contents then chill in about 20 minutes. Frizz was designed to keep wine and champagne fresh and refreshing to drink for up to two hours no matter the surrounding environment.

Sur La Table German-Made Cutlery Collection

Sur La Table’s German-Made Cutlery Collection pairs ice-hardened stainless steel with walnut handles for a lasting edge for a unique style. The handles are curved for increased comfort and are part of a durable, full-tang construction. Ice-hardened blades provide exceptional edge retention for lasting sharpness. The collection includes the Sur La Table Classic Santoku Knife, 7-inch, the Sur La Table Classic Steak Knives, Set Of Four, Sur La Table Classic Magnetic Knife Block, and the Sur La Table Classic Bread Knife, 8-inch.

Viking 10-Piece True Forged Knife Block Set

The Viking 10-Piece Set includes a 3.5-inch paring knife, a 4-inch tomato knife, a 5-inch serrated utility knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife, an 8-inch bread knife, an 8-inch carving knife, 10-inch sharpening steel, kitchen shears and an Acacia wood knife block.

Cangshan Helena Cutlery

Helena Cutlery by Cangshan is crafted the new series from heat-treated high-alloy German steel, ensuring a razor-sharp blade with exceptional durability and edge retention. Stain-resistant with an ergonomic handle, Helena knives also have a slim semi-bolster that balances the knife’s full tang while complementing the sleek, smooth lines of the handle, it added. Helena includes an 8-inch Rocking Chef’s Knife, a 6-inch Chef’s Knife and a 6-inch Boning Knife and more.

Oggi Easi Grip Food Storage Containers

Made from crystal clear BPA-free plastic, each Easi Grip food storage container by Oggi has a convenient flip-open lid for pouring and dispensing, maintains freshness and cuts food waste with handy clip-on lids that incorporate a handy date reminding slider. The built-in handle makes it easier to grab and pour with the product even for those with smaller hands or less grip strength.

Hammer Stahl Damascus Series

Knives of the Hammer Stahl Damascus Series are made from 67-layer Japanese stainless steel. The 15-degree blades, traditional to Japanese knives, have exceptional hardness and maintain their sharp edges longer due to the design and fusing of the alloys. The series includes four products each designed to help tackle any type of kitchen project: a 9-inch Chef’s Knife, a 7-inch Nakiri knife, a 10-inch Slicer and a 5-inch Utility Knife.

Everyday Solutions PowerEdge and ElectroSharp Knife Blocks

The PowerEdge (pictured left) and ElectroSharp Knife Blocks from Everyday Solutions have a built-in electric knife sharpener that pops out with a simple push. A red button on top of the sharpener turns it on.  A diamond grinding wheel provides consistent sharpness, while a magnet in the sharpener collects metal shavings. The ElectroSharp comes in 13-piece knife block sets, one in Chinese steel, the other in Chinese forged steel. The PowerEdge with German Steel comes in 15-piece and 20-piece knife block sets.

Compiled by Elizabeth Dempsey, Contributing Editor.

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