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January 25, 2024

Limited Edition Stanley Tumblers Drive Target Visits

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When Stanley recently released its Galentine’s Day and Winter Pink limited edition tumblers at Target and Starbucks within Target stores, the resulting demand surpassed what might have been expected and prompted examination by observers. Market researcher Numerator surveyed almost 100 verified buyers of the products to understand their purchase intent, discovering that the majority trekked to the stores with a specific purpose.

As they rolled out, 69% of surveyed purchasers said that acquiring the tumbler was the primary reason for the shopping trip to Target on the purchase occasion. Just 13% were unaware of the tumbler’s availability when shopping.

The main means through which purchasers learned of the limited-edition tumblers included Facebook at 35%, TikTok at 32% and word of mouth at 24%. 

In their shopping venture, 47% of purchasers said finding the tumblers was somewhat or very difficult, while 36% said it was very easy.

Target imposed a limit of two tumblers per customer, but when asked how many they would have bought if the restriction wasn’t imposed, 33% of purchasers said they still would have bought two, 30% would have bought one, and 11% would have bought four. At the same time, 14% of purchasers said they were unaware of a limit.

In other results, Numerator stated:

  • 68% of buyers planned to use the tumblers themselves, while 10% intended to gift them to parties outside of their households.
  • 75% of purchasers meant to use their Stanley tumblers at home, with 56% intending to use them in the car, 47% at work, 29% during social activities and 26% at sporting events.
  • 56% of purchasers said what they liked most about the tumblers was the colors or designs, then product effectiveness at 55%, quality materials and durability at 50%, brand history/longevity at 35%, trendiness at 26% and eco-friendliness at 22%.
  • 85% of purchasers expressed a belief that Stanley products are somewhat or very unique compared to similar brands, although, 47% rate the product quality at about the same level.
  • 19% of purchasers said that they would only consider Stanley for their tumbler or water bottle needs, while 66% would also consider Yeti, 39% would consider Hydroflask and 20% Owala. 

Among the contents purchasers intended to pack into their limited-edition Stanley tumblers, water is the most popular choice at 81%, followed by other cold, non-alcoholic beverages at 40%, hot beverages at 10%, and cold food such as ice cream or cereal at 7%.

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