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December 22, 2021

Numerator: Consumers Adapting to COVID-19 Realities as Omicron Spreads

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An update to its monthly Consumer Behavior & Sentiment Survey, Numerator looked at shopper concerns regarding the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Among the results:

  • 20% of consumers say they are concerned about the Omicron variant, compared to 27% who say they are concerned about the Delta variant. 
  • 35% of consumers say they are more worried about the Omicron variant than other strains.
  • 34% of consumers think the Omicron variant will cause a return to lockdowns where they live while 61% of consumers said the same of the Delta variant at its peak last summer.
  • 19% of consumers rate their overall COVID concern a 10 of 10,  down slightly from 22% last month, and down significantly from levels seen in August and September. 
  • 59% of consumers prefer to wear masks in public at this point in time, 68% of vaccinated versus 31% of unvaccinated. 
  • 49% of consumers say they prefer to shop at retailers that require masks, 61% of vaccinated versus 20% of unvaccinated.
  • 71% of consumers said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I think we will learn to live with COVID-19 rather than ever fully returning to a pre-COVID normal.”

Comfort with out-of-home activities slipped slightly across most behaviors, with shopping in-store without a mask, down four points, and gathering with friends and family, down three points, seeing the most significant declines. Among all activities covered in the survey, consumers showed the lowest levels of concern for eating outside a restaurant and ordering takeout food.

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