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September 20, 2022
BigCommerce: Consumers Ready for Next Phase of Digital Shopping
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E-commerce platform BigCommerce has released its Global Consumer Report: Current and Future Shopping Trends, which determined that the metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFTs are poised to have a significant effect on retail and related businesses.

Just how that will occur, however, is still a big up in the air, but, in the survey that is the basis of the report, consumers reported that personalized shopping experiences and incentives, such as free shipping and discounts, are driving their purchasing right now.

As characterized by BigCommerce finding from the survey indicated:

  • 55% of consumers shop online at least once a week with fashion and apparel as items most frequently purchased.  the most purchased items.
  • Consumers prefer free shipping more than other common incentives.
  • Shoppers who purchase using buy now, pay later do so because helps to fit purchases into their budget.
  • Consumers want personalized shopping experiences and advertisements.
  • Shoppers who feel comfortable with a brand are willing to share their email, gender and name.
  • Honesty and transparency are the brand values consumers consider most important but providing fair wages and benefits to employees comes in next.
  • 84% of consumers rate sustainability as important they make a purchasing decision.
  • 46% of consumers are ready to shop on the Metaverse, and of those, 51% are interested in buying both virtual goods such as NFTs as well as physical merchandise.

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