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May 14, 2024

Amazon Raking in Big Advertising Revenue but Competition Is Growing

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Amazon is making major gains in advertising, but it is part of a changing e-commerce landscape where conditions are evolving, according to a study by Jungle Scout.

The company’s advertising revenue has grown from $12.6 billion to $46.9 billion in 2023.

Amazon’s history and popularity mean its e-commerce dominance is hardly shaken, and it remains the go-to platform for brands and shoppers alike. A major part of Amazon’s popularity with sellers is its advertising capabilities, which have unique benefits over other channels, Jungle Scout asserted. So far, and by the support shown, it’s evident that the benefits Amazon provides clearly prompt investment by the companies engaged with it, the e-commerce consultant pointed out.

However, a changing environment could have an impact on the future of online advertising. In 2024, 60% of Amazon sellers, brands and businesses engaged at least one other platform, with many planning to expand even further in the coming months. As their e-commerce strategies stretch more broadly, their advertising investments are doing the same.

Jungle Scout identified the top three alternative e-commerce platforms used by brands and sellers on Amazon as eBay, at 23%, Shopify at 21% and Walmart at 19%. When it identified the top three platforms those same businesses are considering as an additional outlet, the list inverts with Walmart on top at 36%, Shopify at 35% and eBay next at 33%.

In an interesting twist, craft-oriented Etsy is fourth on both lists at 13% and 22%, respectively. Fifth on the platforms used list is Facebook at 10% but TikTok is fifth on the expand to list at 20%.

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