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November 23, 2021

Walmart’s First Twitter Livestream Kicks Off Cyber Week

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In another expansion of its shopping outreach to consumers, Walmart is kicking off Cyber Week with its first shoppable livestream on Twitter, hosted by singer, songwriter, dancer and social media figure Jason Derulo.

In a blog post, William White, Walmart U.S. chief marketing officer, asserted that since its very first shoppable livestream in December 2020 via TikTok, the company has tested 15 such events across five platforms, launched Walmart.com/live, worked with more than 20 creators and hosts and was among the first retailers to pilot shoppable livestream events on major social platforms, now including Twitter.

At 7 p.m. eastern time on Sunday, November 28, consumers can start streaming and shopping from Walmart.com/live, Twitter.com/Walmart, YouTube.com/Walmart and Facebook.com/Walmart, and watch from Instagram.com/Walmart and Tiktok.com/@Walmart. Derulo will host a 30-minute variety show featuring electronics, home goods, apparel, seasonal décor, surprise special guests and more.

In addition, White stated, Walmart has more than 30 shoppable livestream events planned, spanning eight social and media platforms including BuyWith, BuzzFeed, Facebook, IGN, TalkShopLive, Tasty, Twitter and YouTube.

The success of its livestream events and growth of business associated with them tell Walmart that it’s headed down the right path with innovative shopping initiatives, he noted. the company will continue to curate special experiences for customers that they can readily shop while being entertained.

He added that Walmart believes that the future of retail involves social commerce, which is why the company is focusing on innovating in the space.

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