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July 7, 2022
Walmart+, InHome Combo Widens Member Delivery Options
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Walmart is combining its InHome and Walmart+ subscriptions in a move to expand its membership program and expand consumer use of its delivery services.

The initiative also is positioned by the company to help Walmart+ membership compete with Amazon Prime.

The InHome service delivers groceries straight to a customer’s doorstep or refrigerator, which can be in the main part of the house or a garage. The doorstep and garage options are to encourage consumers who don’t want people wandering around their homes when they’re not present to sign up for InHome.

The Walmart+ membership program got off to a slow start, but the retailer has been enhancing it with additional benefits. InHome will be an optional add-on to Walmart+. Walmart characterized its melding of two previously standalone memberships as a way to bring all delivery capabilities into a single, streamlined experience while allowing new and existing members to choose the membership plan that appeals to them most.

Members of Walmart+’s $12.95-a-month/$98-a-year program can opt to add unlimited no-fee and tip-free InHome delivery for an extra $7 per month or $40 per year, Walmart indicated. That totals $138 annually for both, $10 less than previous annual pricing when Walmart+ and InHome were separate memberships. Consumers still can sign up for InHome without a Walmart+ membership.

Walmart revealed it is also launching InHome across new markets including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose and San Francisco. In doing so, the retailer will double the geography of the service.

Walmart said its e-commerce sales grew by 38% the past two years, and it continues to invest in the delivery space to create a seamless, flexible experience for customers. Walmart also is ramping up delivery capacity this year to meet growing demand and service in new markets, the company maintained.

“We know how much InHome members love this service,” said Whitney Pegden, vice president and general manager, InHome. “They see the same familiar faces and build real relationships with our associates, who help them get through their busy weeks. InHome has one of the highest customer experience ratings in the business, and now we’ve made it even easier to access in even more locations as we grow to reach over 30 million households by the end of the year.”

Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart+, added, “When Walmart+ members ask for something, we work around the clock to make it happen for them. Our members want options and a shopping experience that is easy to navigate and accommodates their individual needs, while saving them time and money. This is true now more than ever.”

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