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January 30, 2024

Lowe’s Taps TikTok To Connect with Existing and Potential Employees

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As part of the company’s social media outreach, a team of Lowe’s Cos. employees is using TikTok to reach new audiences for the retailer and the various verticals in which it operates. 

The company maintained that Lowe’s uses social media, such as TikTok, in various ways to promote engagement and interaction.

The Lowe’s TikTok account includes more than 160,000 followers and offers “snappy” DIY and other, often internal content, the company noted in a blog post. For example, Cristian Barber, social media manager of the Talent and Acquisition team, directs Lowe’s Careers TikTok, which works to win the interest of potential job applicants. Barber stated that the effective algorithm aids in reaching out to a whole new pool of job seekers. For current employees, eye-catching content, including viral dances and trending challenges, creates a fun approach to learning. Lowe’s instructional designer on the Pro Learning and Development team, Kelly LaCroix (pictured above), says she uses the company’s social media toolkit internally to keep employees involved with new training techniques.

In its TikTok ventures, Lowe’s is establishing more than just a typical social media platform but a space where its various operations can connect with customers and talent in fresh ways while also entertaining and educating employees.

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