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January 30, 2024

Marketers Building Brand Communities As Social Media Disappoints

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Three in five marketers are concerned about losing access to their brand’s fans on social media because of increasing fragmentation, dissatisfaction with platform content and changes in social algorithms. According to Tint, many are creating platforms to connect with their most engaged consumers directly, which characterizes itself as a community-powered marketing platform.

As such, unique initiatives have the potential to engage consumers more closely and even win more personal information from them due to the strength of the connection.

In the study, 47% of brand marketers surveyed already had or were in the process of building an online brand community distinct from social media, Tint noted.

Consumer participation in online communities is trending upward, Tint asserted, increasing 9% year-over-year as people seek more active involvement with the brands and organizations that appeal to them. The idea behind community-centric marketing, the company stated, is to establish direct, emotional, and engaging relationships that drive spending, advocacy and brand loyalty.

Other study findings, Tint pointed out, include that 82% of consumers are more likely to purchase new product varieties as part of an online brand community and 69% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands that they interact with in an online community.

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