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November 12, 2021

Dollar Stores Connect to Home Delivery

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By: Mike Duff

Contributing Editor

Home delivery is having an immediate impact on the dollar store business, and the trend is continually generating new initiatives, including a deal between Dollar General and DoorDash and the launch of a dollar store feature in the Instacart app.

In a new initiative, Dollar General’s deal with DoorDash covers food and household essentials. Consumers can browse and order products for same-day delivery in under an hour on average through DoorDash’s marketplace app or website with no time slot or minimum order size required, Dollar General noted. Consumers can get on-demand delivery from DoorDash through more than 9,000 Dollar General stores after DoorDash conducted a 600-store pilot program this summer.

Instacart announced a number of new features rolling out across the Instacart App, including those involving grocery and the Dollar Store Hub. The new dollar store feature in the Instacart app allows consumers to browse dollar store deals from about 14,000 dollar stores. They include Dollar Tree, which has been developing new ways to approach consumers and offers nationwide delivery from more than 6,800 stores, as well as the 99 Cents Only Store, Five Below and Family Dollar, Instacart noted.


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