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April 1, 2022

Container Store Launches App-Enabled Loyalty Program

The Container Store is introducing a new customer loyalty program and app to build closer relationships with existing customers and attract new customers.

Organized Insider is a tier-based loyalty program that rewards customers based on engagement, the retailer stated. It incorporates benefits members of the now-replaced loyalty program enjoyed, such as receipt-free returns and birthday discounts. It adds more personalized and enhanced experiences including exclusive access to new products and events, priority shopping and an annual Insider Savings Day.

Container Store introduced the three Organized Insider tiers, each based on a customer’s annual spending level, as:

  • Enthusiast, spending up to $299. Enthusiasts get receipt-free returns, bonus savings days, birthday discounts and one Insider Savings Day per year.
  • Experienced, spending from $300 to $999. The Experienced get first-tier benefits but also achievement savings, early access to select new products, shopping events and higher discounts.
  • Expert, spending $1,000 or more. Experts get tier one and two benefits plus even deeper discounts, exclusive event invitations and an annual year-end gift.

Container Store will automatically convert members of its previous loyalty program to the Organized Insider version. Members will receive communication on their status based on their 2021 spending levels or recent 2022 spend.

The containerstore.com website and The Container Store mobile app feature an Organized Insider dashboard allowing customers to access their status, available offers and exclusive benefits, the company noted. The mobile app also shows users where they are in the tier structure, and it makes it convenient to shop, check order status, get updates and find organizing projects and tips, according to the company.

User behavior and feedback will drive future app development, Container Store maintained.

“We have reimagined our loyalty program to provide our customers even more benefits than before while designing a program that is easy to understand and easy to access,” said Container Store Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Collins.“The new tier-based model will encourage repeat purchases and attract new customers. Both Organized Insider and our new mobile app are essential elements of our overall customer experience, and we look forward to seeing how customers respond.”

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