HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2023/24: All About Ease

The third portfolio in the HomePage News InSight™ Trend Index 2023/24 examines All About Ease, new and next solutions for everyday living.

Why is “ease” such an important trend? For many, ease means simplicity; performing a task or creating something without a lot of complex instructions or previous experience. In a recent national survey from the International Housewares Association and Springboard Futures, the 2023 Value Equation Index, 54% of respondents said “ease of use” is their #1 purchase influencer. But simplicity is just one facet of the trend. Across global home markets, products are delivering ease by saving consumers time and space while creating memorable experiences with new functions and features. Ease is an important trend because for millions of consumers every day, it’s the difference between “I have to” and “I want to.”

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The HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2023/24 is an exclusive digital guide that explores emerging and enduring home and housewares trends through the products and innovations that embody them. This comprehensive and expansive report series was developed in partnership with Springboard Futures and its founder, industry trend authority Tom Mirabile, who also serves as consumer and lifestyle trend analyst for the International Housewares Association and HomePage News.

The Springboard team explored influential trade shows in the U.S. and abroad seeking home and housewares trends driven by global influences such as design, consumer lifestyle and functional/material innovation.

The HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2023/24 will be rolled out on HomePageNews.com in a series of themed portfolios each week into the 3rd quarter of 2023:

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