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June 24, 2024

Midea Launches Dual-Zone Air Fryer Oven With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Midea has released its newest air-fryer oven, offering multiple cooking programs and Wi-Fi connectivity in a dual-zone appliance that can cook two fully independent meals or a meal and a side dish simultaneously.

The top portion of the Midea 11-Quart Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven has a 6-quart air frying basket, and the bottom portion is a 5-quart toaster oven. A Sync Finish feature automatically aligns cooking times to complete cooking in each zone at the same time.

The air fryer basket has room to cook a 6-pound chicken, and the oven portion has room for a 9-inch pizza. The space-saving, vertical alignment of the new Midea air fryer oven occupies 12.5 inches of counter space.

The Midea Air Fryer Oven uses what the company calls Rapid Air Circulation technology to provide fast and consistent cooking at up to 450 degrees F. Available cooking programs include air fry, bake, grill, roast and more.

The air fryer connects via Wi-Fi to Midea’s MSmartHome app, allowing users to activate voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant, receive notifications and utilize all the air fryer’s features remotely. Through the MSmartHome app, users can access more than 50 pre-programmed “smart” recipes.

“One of the core goals of Midea as a brand is to improve lives with everyday innovations through our products,” said Kurt Jovais, president of Midea America Corp. “Mealtimes should be an opportunity to take a reprieve from day-to-day tasks, but cooking can often feel like yet another job on the to-do list. With our new air fryer oven, we’ve set out to make quality home cooking a seamless and easy part of the day.”

The Midea 11-Quart Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven is available now exclusively at Costco.com and is set to be available to additional retailers in September.

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