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June 20, 2024

Lasko Launches Summit Series High-Performance Tower Fans

Lasko Products has expanded its portable fan lineup with the launch of its new Summit Series, said by the company to deliver innovative technology and premium performance in sleek designs.

The Summit Series incorporates Lasko’s new Airsense Assistive Technology, which intelligently senses and adjusts fan features based on ambient temperature and user behavior. Airsense offers four modes, including Auto Mode, which senses a room’s ambient temperature and adjusts the fan speeds for tailored comfort; Custom Mode to configure and combine various settings; Sleep Mode for quiet airflow; and Nature Mode to mimic a serene outdoor breeze.

The Summit Series also features Lasko’s CarbonX Filter, designed to help eliminate dust, lint, and pet hair while neutralizing unpleasant odors, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This filtration system is included in the Pinnacle, Ascend, and Apex models:

  • Lasko Pinnacle 40″ Tower Fan (DST100, $100.66 retail): Lasko’s most premium tower fan features WhisperForce DC Technology and combines ultra-quiet operation and ultra-powerful performance with exceptional energy efficiency, according to the company. The fan offers a 90-degree oscillation and air velocity of 32 ft/s, providing air movement up to 50 feet away while using 40% less energy than traditional tower fans, Lasko said. Lasko’s quietest tower fan yet offers 12 speed settings while maintaining a 24dB.
  • Lasko Apex 42″ Tower Fan (RST200, $100.66 retail): Delivering more than 40 feet of airflow, the tower fan provides 90-degree oscillation, 29 ft/s airspeed and six speeds. It maintains a minimal 29dB noise level when running at low speed.
  • Lasko Ascend 36″ Tower Fan (OST100, $62.98 retail): The tower fan with four speeds has an airflow of 29 ft/s that reaches more than 40 feet for exceptional comfort at a quiet noise level 29dB on low.
  • Lasko Elevation 42″ – 54″ Adjustable Pedestal Tower Fan (EST100, $79.99 retail): The oscillating pedestal tower fan has four-speed settings and moves air more than 40 feat at 31 ft/s, The fan adjusts up to 54 inches tall, features 890-degree oscillation and operates quietly at 28dB on low.

“The Summit Series was engineered and built with the consumer in mind, allowing for customizing their cooling preferences with our advanced Airsense Technology while ensuring cleaner air with CarbonX Filtration,” said Brian Schaadt, Lasko’s business unit director of fans.

The Summit Series, available now at Amazon, includes Lasko’s innovative EZGrip technology for mobility, an LED user interface with touchpad controls and remote control operation. All Lasko fans are equipped with a safety fuse, Blue Plug Technology, which swiftly responds to short circuits. The Summit Series fans have built-in child locks.

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