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March 21, 2023

Trader Joe’s ‘Most Loved’ Offline Brand; Sam’s Club No. 3 Online

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In Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial Most Loved Brands this year the strong response to one retailer’s offline presence may not surprise anyone, but the appearance of another in the online top 10 might catch some unaware.

Engagement Labs, which monitors online and real-world brand conversations, based the sixth annual ranking of most loved brands in the United States on sentiment scores, brand sharing, volume or number of conversations naming a brand and influence measures. Online rankings are based on social conversations monitored by Engagement Labs and offline rankings are based on any other form of conversation ranging from face-to-face through email, messaging and phone.

Trader Joe’s ranks first among offline brands this year while Sam’s Club made the top 10 among online brands.


Offline brands as favored in 2022, including one tie, and their change in position from 2021, are:

  1. Trader Joe’s +1
  2. Lego +4
  3. Olay +47
  4. Dawn -1
  5. Dove Men + Care 0
  6. Lysol +14
  7. Dove -1 and Charles Schwab +126
  8. Doritos +56
  9. Bath & Body Works +46


Most beloved brands online, with ranging changes, are:

  1. American Family 0
  2. Lush +1
  3. Express +6
  4. Sam’s Club +65
  5. OshKosh B’Gosh +17
  6. Clean & Clear +2
  7. Urban Decay +12
  8. TripAdvisor -4
  9. Clinique +1
  10. Avon +3


“The adjusted lifestyles and return to normalcy in 2022 are reflected in the brands that appear on our ‘most loved’ list, and in the brand landscape of those that have earned the most positive recommendations and talk from consumers,” stated Steven Brown Engagement Works president. “In the offline space, Olay, Lysol, Doritos, Charles Schwab, and Bath & Body Works have seen the biggest surge in popularity, while Sam’s Club, OshKosh, and Urban Decay have gained the most significant positive attention online. And let’s recognize Trader Joe’s, Lego, Dawn, Dove, Dove Men+Care, American Family, Lush, Express, Clean & Clear, TripAdvisor and Clinique who continue to demonstrate what consumers have engaged with and spoken about with great sentiment over the past year and the prior year.”

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