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January 13, 2023

Meijer Revamps, Personalizes Loyalty Program

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As consumers deal with inflation and recession and look to retailers to help them cope, Meijer has announced that it is revamping mPerks to make it even easier for customers to save on the products they need and want, capitalizing on the success of the company’s popular digital coupon and rewards in building loyalty. 

The enhanced mPerks loyalty program offers more personalized rewards and savings with customers now earning points for every dollar spent and every qualifying prescription filled, along with additional opportunities to earn even more points. Meijer customers can apply points toward savings of their choice. Points expire after 90 days, versus 45 days in the current system. Customers choose when and how they want to redeem points, Meijer noted.

Customers’ existing unclaimed rewards automatically transition to the new program at the same value, Meijer maintained. As the updated program rolls out, Meijer will transfer any in-progress rewards that customers earned and existing pharmacy credits as points.

Customers in Southeast Michigan will begin transitioning to the new mPerks program beginning January 16, while the retailer’s other Midwest markets will roll over to the new program in phases throughout January and February.

Meijer has millions of total mPerks users, the company asserted. In the first half of 2022, it added, mPerks customers saved more than $100 million on their purchases.

“Meijer is committed to providing value and convenience for our customers, and the changes we’ve made to mPerks expands on both by offering more personalized savings, along with more opportunities to earn points,” Meijer vp of customer strategy Derek Steele said in announcing the revamp. “We want to ensure we’re continuing to provide personalized value while also making the experience fun and engaging.”

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