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April 3, 2023

Kroger Expands Delivery in Texas, Colorado

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As the company continues expanding its robotic and AI-driven delivery service to cities across the United States, The Kroger Co. has announced the official opening of a new store in Austin, TX.

Spoke facilities work to extend the reach of Kroger customer fulfillment centers that use technology developed by the Britain-based Ocado Group to fulfill orders efficiently.

The Austin 70,000 square foot spoke facility will work in conjunction with the Dallas CFC, Kroger noted. All orders get picked up within the Dallas facility, then workers assemble orders and place them in climate-controlled vehicles for the trip to Austin. Once the orders arrive, they are checked and placed on refrigerated trucks that deliver directly to customers’ doors. The company maintained that cold and frozen products remain at the correct temperature from the supplier to the customer’s refrigerator.

“Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and we are thrilled to connect more customers to the Kroger Delivery shopping experience, which brings thousands of digital coupons, valuable fuel points and the freshest products directly to customers’ doors,” said Rebekah Manis, senior director, Kroger delivery fulfillment centers, in announcing the opening. “Whether they are using the Kroger app or browsing our weekly ad at Kroger.com, customers can enjoy fresh, high-quality, affordable groceries delivered by best-in-class uniformed drivers.”

The Austin opening follows on Kroger’s debut of a 300,000 square-foot customer fulfillment center in Aurora, CO, which will deliver groceries and home essentials to customers up to 90 minutes’ drive away in conjunction with the supermarket operator’s King Soopers and City Market banners. In the future, as Kroger advances its growth plans, spoke facilities may increase the market area the CFC presently serves.

“Kroger Delivery, proudly serving King Soopers and City Market, will connect more Coloradans to a convenient shopping experience,” said Manis.

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