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February 9, 2024

Ikea USA Introduces Style Guide, AI Assistant

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The 2024 Ikea Style Guide has debuted with a focus on four interior design concepts dubbed Warm Minimalism, Swedish Roots, Modern Playfulness and Scandinavian Folklore.

As the company introduces its style guide, Ikea has also announced the launch of a ChatGPT AI assistant that can provide personalized help with interior design.

The style guide offers insights and expert designer tips as inspiration for consumers looking to create happier homes, Ikea stated. In detail, the style concepts are:

  • Warm Minimalism. A design palette that balances playfulness and bold statements with simplicity, functionality and organization via clean lines, geometric patterns and natural materials. The style emphasizes clutter-free spaces that have a refined minimalist but still warm aesthetic that’s eclectic and organized in a way that ensures a home can be relaxing and welcoming.
  • Swedish Roots. Modern, playful and suited to everyday needs in a design approach that balances carefree living with staying organized. Natural tones and blonde woods, primary colors and functionality combine in welcoming, casual spaces.
  • Modern Playfulness. An international modern approach to interior design that is elegant, urban, playful and eclectic, mixing bright colors and pastels in an atypical combination with dirtier and more muted tones. Patterns are bold and playful.
  • Scandinavian Folklore. Inspired by life in rural Sweden at the turn of the 20th century, the feel is down-to-earth, warm and welcoming. Furniture is simple and rustic, and décor and accessories incorporate natural materials and tones. 

 “We believe that home is the most important place in the world, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their space,” said Seana Strawn, country home furnishing and retail design manager for Ikea U.S. in introducing the style guide. “Our goal is to help people create happy homes that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles. We hope that this guide will inspire people to discover their own unique style and fill their homes with pieces they truly love.”

The new Ikea AI Assistant, an artificial intelligence-powered home design, inspiration and shopping tool, is available exclusively on the OpenAI GPT Store, Ikea pointed out. The assistant, available in the United States, represents what the company characterizes as a significant step in democratizing planning services and creating a better life for the many by offering a tool that gives users personalized furniture and decor suggestions. The assistant bases recommendations on factors such as room dimensions, personal style, sustainability preferences, budget and functional requirements.  

With the Ikea AI Assistant, users can employ ChatGPT to articulate specific home design needs and get customized recommendations. They can ask, ‘’Show me a cozy living room layout for a small apartment with the use of sustainable materials.’’

With the assistant’s help, users can explore Ikea’s extensive catalog featuring thousands of products, ranging from minimalist designs to artistic collections and check for availability across different locations. The also can gain inspiration from design ideas and real transformation stories within the Ikea global community, as well as tips from furnishing experts.

The Ikea AI Assistant is currently available for GPT Plus users in the U.S. market only. The company will offer it in more markets where ChatGPT is available during the year.  

In announcing the ChatGPT initiative, Francesco Marzoni, Ikea chief data and analytics officer said, “We are taking a pragmatic, execution-focused approach, learning by doing and capitalizing on our early efforts of a Responsible AI framework. We activated a broad ecosystem of partners to bring to life several experiments so that we can take part in the AI evolution as we shape our company strategy.’’   

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