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February 16, 2022

Ace Offering Handyman Services To Help Consumers Remodel

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In a move to make home remodeling and redecorating easier, Ace Hardware and Dispatch, a field service software platform for home service franchise businesses, are working together to match consumers who want to update their housing with the right help.

The initiative taps Ace Handyman Services, formerly Handyman Matters, the retailer’s new professional division, to help Ace customers achieve their home improvement project goals. Ace Handyman Services connects consumers with reliable, experienced craftsmen who come into their homes and assist with projects that may need an extra hand or some additional expertise.

Handyman Matters has been a Dispatch customer and relied on its field service toolset. Ace Hardware favored the Handyman Matters emphasis on customer experience, enabled by Dispatch, and acquired it in September 2019. In that way, Ace provided the infrastructure for their new handyman services arm.

Since the acquisition, Dispatch and Ace Handyman Services have successfully begun operations from more than 160 Ace Hardware locations and counting, the retailer noted, creating a holistic home improvement destination at popular stores around the United States.

“Ace had services on the radar for quite some time, and when they went out to find a business like ours, our core values really lined up: our already great customer reviews and our tagline of helping you love your home,” said Chris Bue, who was in a leadership role at Handyman Matters, and is now president at Ace Handyman, in announcing the service.

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