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June 25, 2024

Dallas Market Offers a Mid-Year Snapshot of Winning Trends, Cautious Optimism for 2024

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Suppliers at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market offered a mix of optimism and caution about the retail landscape as the home and housewares business prepares for the second half of 2024.

Business has shown resilience in the face of what some described as a soft market and ongoing inflation concerns, as many companies on hand in Dallas reported a positive reception to new products and steady orders. Retailers are increasingly focused on innovative and sustainable products, suppliers noted. From eco-friendly lines to new entries in the travel and gourmet kitchen segments, there is an emphasis on meeting consumer preferences for quality and environmental responsibility.

In a show of retail commitment to newer brands and products, Modern Picnic, a line of fashion-forward insulated lunch bags, reported its program has been warmly received by retailers, recently launching at Bloomingdale’s and Anthropologie after exhibiting at The Inspired Home Show in March. Fissler is gearing up for a significant debut of its new lines in the U.S. (including the pictured above Fissler Ceratal Ceramic Cookware), which are set to ship to retailers awaiting the product in late summer, said James McArdle, managing director of Fissler America, Inc. De Buyer’s newest line of sustainable kitchen tools and food storage, Pebbly, has been well received despite a challenging market. “Securing a few big buyers has made a significant impact,” said Pierre Taillandier, national sales manager, retail and hospitality at De Buyer, Inc.

Zyliss also focused on eco-friendly products in Dallas, showcasing a new line of kitchen tools made from wheat straw that has found placement in Wegman’s supermarkets. ORCA, a maker of water bottles and coolers, reported it is poised for a strong back half of the year after launching at CVS and Fred Meyer, with a new line of products slated for spring. Conversely, some companies, such as Ember, known for temperature-controlled mugs, find seasonal trends affecting sales as consumers drink fewer hot beverages in the summer months.

While innovative and sustainable products remain a bright spot for housewares heading s 2024 turns toward the important fourth quarter of 2024, many vendors in Dallas called cautious optimism. about the retail market. Companies are continuing to adapt to market demands and economic conditions, with orders coming in earlier for many, reflecting a proactive retail approach to securing inventory ahead of any potential supply chain disruptions. While that’s a trend that can be seen as a positive indicator for the rest of the year, some vendors said planning must be balanced with realistic expectations in a fragile economic environment.

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