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April 5, 2022

Walmart Entices New Marketplace Sellers with Deals, Discounts

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As it competes with Amazon and other, newer platforms for third-party merchants, Walmart has introduced New-Seller Savings, a limited-time Walmart Marketplace promotion exclusive to businesses ready to onboard.

Sellers who join Walmart Marketplace by May 31, and start selling on Walmart.com by June 30 will receive a 50% discount on commission rates for the first 90 days. The company also has extended its Walmart Fulfillment Services Intro Offer incentive for new sellers that want to sign up. Approved sellers that enroll in WFS, complete the setup process and inbound one item to a fulfillment center by June 30 earn 90 days of free storage and a 10% discount on fulfillment fees.

Besides the discounts, Walmart’s pitch for its marketplace includes a simple fee structure, speedy platform growth and access to millions of monthly visitors. Walmart emphasized that its marketplace has no monthly setup fees and that sellers can grow their businesses using an ecosystem of innovative solutions including WFS and Walmart Connect advertising. Items sent via WFS arrive in a Walmart box and are categorized as Fulfilled by Walmart, which, the company maintains, builds credibility with customers and furthers trust and transparency. Walmart added that customers who take issue with an item have access to Walmart Customer Care and can return said item at their local Walmart store.

Walmart’s e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the past two years, the company pointed out. The support Walmart offers through WFS and its related marketplace functions helps improve the experience for consumers, Walmart asserted, and can help turn them into repeat customers.

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