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May 24, 2024

Survey: Nearly Half of Consumers Interested in Livestream Shopping

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Nearly half of consumers polled in a recent national survey expressed interest in livestream shopping events.

Still, despite the significant acceptance of livestream shopping, with 46% of those surveyed expressing interest, 28% of respondents continue to favor traditional online shopping. Only a quarter of respondents reported no appeal for live shopping events.

Agora, a platform that facilitates real-time engagement in the interactive live shopping sector, commissioned the survey, which found age-based differences in attitudes and perceptions toward live interactive streaming shopping events. In the survey,  61% of consumers under 55 years of age showed interest in live shopping experiences, while 71% of those 55 and older were uninterested or preferred traditional online shopping.

Convenience emerged as the predominant factor influencing consumer participation in livestreaming events, Agora noted, with 40% of respondents citing ease of shopping as a primary motivator. Product demonstrations were the next most attractive quality of livestreaming events, cited by 36% of survey respondents. Almost a quarter of respondents attributed some form of interactivity, including engaging with influencers (selected by 15%) and interacting with other shoppers (9%), to their decisions to participate in live shopping events, according to Agora.

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