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December 7, 2021

New Target Stores Prioritize Convenience, Health, Safety

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In a blog post, Target outlined features that help the 32 new locations it opened in 2021 make things easier and safer for shoppers and employees while giving them a touch more local color.

According to the company, Target picked locations that put stores closer to where consumers in the communities involved want to shop. In many cases, that has meant using a small-format store format that fits where traditional stores might not, including college campuses and denser geographies including urban neighborhoods.

Target noted that 28 of the 32 stores it opened this year are small format operations including those on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York and the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Target has incorporated local elements into its new operations including, for example, the decoration and the product assortment at its Lihue Kauai store in Hawaii as well as featuring team merchandise at campus locations.

In terms of services, Target continues to expand the number of Drive Up spots featured at many of its stores to make shopping easier and more convenient for consumers and that goes for new stores as well. Target also has built more space into the front of the building dedicated to Order Pickup too, helping it to serve more guests faster.

Also, Target pointed out that it has enhanced health and safety features adding additional space to accommodate social distancing, plexiglass shields at checkout lanes, contactless fixtures and helpful signage.

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