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August 2, 2021

Meijer Sees Back-To-School Focused on Self-Expression

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Meijer sees self-expression as a key driver in back-to-school sales in the early part of the sales season and continuing as students and parents check items off their shopping lists this summer.

Enthusiasm for a classroom return has consumers shopping earlier with a special focus reflecting a student’s desire to go back in style.

This year, and with COVID-19 still weighing on minds, reusable insulated lunch boxes, lunch bags and accessories are generating sales, Meijer indicated, especially those designed to be leakproof and durable. Yet, despite concerns, self-expression and style are important to this year’s back-to-school shopping even as applied to products such as masks, sanitizers and wipes.

Back-to-school shoppers are looking to upgrade items including backpacks considering many children have been in the classroom for two years and have different needs now. Sporty and outdoorsy looks are in, the retailer indicated, while fashion trends, particularly those that pop, are spreading from apparel to other back-to-school needs with mint, pink, blue and rose gold among the colors popular this year. Geometric patterns are trending, Meijer noted, and graphic themes include gaming, sharks, dinosaurs, marble, tie-dye, space, rainbows and animals are popular. 

Gender-neutral styles and positive affirmation in on-product messaging have caught on this summer, too. 

“Families really want to be prepared for returning to classes, so the enthusiasm for in-person learning is really evident as they shop in our stores,” May Graceffa, Meijer director of back-to-school merchandising, said in introducing the sales trends. “We’re seeing parents collaborating with students to plan ‘their’ look and choose the supplies that will best match their personalities while sitting in class and walking through school halls. Ultimately, parents want their students to have the best first day ever. Nothing beats catching up with classmates and getting to take part in all of the extracurricular activities missed as they adapted to blended learning last year, so we’re hoping that the trend of parents and students teaming up on a return to class is going to be a huge success for everyone.”

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