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December 1, 2021

McGruff Campaign Takes A Bite Out of Counterfeit Goods

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McGruff the Crime Dog is on the case this holiday season pointing out and raising awareness of counterfeit products.

As part of the Go For Real anti-counterfeiting campaign, the National Crime Prevention Council, McGruff’s home base, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office have released an advertising campaign informing younger consumers and their parents about the serious dangers of buying fake goods.

The intention of the campaign is to counter a dangerous escalation in counterfeit goods peddling, which is cheating consumers as well as causing serious injuries and death, hurting businesses in the United States and funding organized crime, the organizations stated.

The nationwide PSA campaign launches as the 2021 holiday shopping season opens and supply chain bottlenecks embolden counterfeiters to rip off American consumers, they added.

The campaign’s immediate focus is raising awareness about fake electronics, cosmetics, personal care products and sports equipment. The ads show the purchase of a counterfeit product gone disastrously wrong. They are rolling out to more than 2,100 television stations as well as social media channels, electronic billboards, online gaming, radio and music services, and other media that can reach teens and tweens.

“Fakes cause real harm,” the PSAs warn. “Counterfeit products are illegal. They’re fake and can cause damage to you, your property and your wallet.”

In the campaign, McGruff the Crime Dog shares the theme You’re Smart. Buy Smart. The ads reinforce an online and in-school education program aimed at teens and tweens, one that provides tools that can help them spot fakes.

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