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March 27, 2023

Instacart Launching Marketing Service

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Instacart has launched an advertising and promotion service designed, the company announced, to assist retailers in providing affordable, personalized experiences for customers and build brand loyalty. 

Now, retailers of all sizes can leverage Instacart Marketing Solutions to create promotional campaigns that help increase sales by engaging customers through tailored promotions including a percentage or dollars off select items and buy one, get one discounts, the company stated. New capabilities give retailers the ability to sign up consumers for their loyalty programs directly from Instacart. At the same time, Instracard provides retail loyalty members direct access to benefits provided by those programs via the Instacart App. Dozens of retailers including Bristol Farms, New Seasons Market and The Save Mart Cos. already are using Instacart Marketing Solutions, while The Fresh Market will soon enable loyalty sign-ups directly from the Instacart App.

Retailers can choose from various campaign options depending on their budget and business goals, including self-service to full-service marketing solutions, to drive targeted promotions that help them acquire and engage customers, Instacard indicated. Initial pilot results of the in-app activation campaigns, which are a key feature of the Self-Serve tool, indicate that retailers are seeing an almost 70% increase in first-time customers and 6-8 times return on investment following in-app activation campaigns, Instacart maintained.

Instacart noted that it designed the self-serve version of the service for speed, allowing retailers of all sizes and budgets to create and deploy their own marketing campaigns for launch on the Instacart App or their Instacart Platform-powered website. Retailers can select from existing templates to easily launch custom campaigns across Instacart, starting with new customer acquisition. Soon, retailers will have access to additional campaign formats to help them win back lapsed customers, promote specific categories or basket sizes. and incentivize loyalty linkage.

Campaign Management helps retailers build more advanced one-off marketing campaigns across multiple channels using the Instacart App, their Instacart Platform-powered sites, and across digital channels such as customer relationship management CRM, over-the-top OTT and streaming audio. From creative development and media buying to launch management and measurement reporting, a dedicated Instacart marketing team can help retailers design and execute creative campaigns using templates and proven tactics to get into market quickly.

The Strategic Partnership service is feature-rich and readily configurable, customized solution that allows retailers to take their marketing campaigns a step further through custom video shoots, influencer programs, custom advertising strategies and more. In partnership with the Instacart marketing team, retailers can achieve more nuanced marketing to gain a competitive advantage and drive more orders to their Instacart Platform-powered e-commerce websites and apps, the company asserted.

The new integration allows consumers to earn points and savings every time they shop on the Instacart App, just as they might when shopping in-store. 

“We know affordability is top of mind for consumers across the country right now,” said Chris Rogers, Instacart chief business officer, in announcing the new marketing service. “It’s also top of mind for our retail partners, who are looking for more ways to help their customers save when accessing the groceries and goods they need. With the launch of Instacart Marketing Solutions and our expanded loyalty programs, we’re developing new technology tools that empower retailers of all sizes to create strategic digital campaigns and unique loyalty programs that engage their customers, grow their business and, ultimately, help customers find more savings at checkout.”

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