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January 14, 2022
HomeValet Offering Walmart Customers Delivery Option
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HomeValet has announced that eligible Walmart InHome customers in select participating Florida regions will be the first offered its Smart Box and app, available now for pre-order this January.

The company will announce expanded SmartBox availability later this month.

The HomeValet Smart Box provides a secure, temperature-controlled and Internet-connected outdoor receptacle that provides convenient unattended delivery of fresh groceries and packages directly to consumers, the company noted. HomeValet’s mobile app and subscription service give consumers the ability to customize, manage, monitor and remotely control their Smart Boxes.

Consumers can pre-order HomeValet Smart Boxes on homevalet.com with an initial reserve down payment of $50. Smart Box pricing varies by design and HomeValet offers an Affirm buy now pay later purchase option.

The HomeValet app, which allows users to monitor Smart Box deliveries as well as control temperature, is also now downloadable in the App Store and Google Play Store for a monthly subscription of $15, the company indicated.

After a successful pilot program conducted with the retailer in May 2021, HomeValet is offering early SmartBox availability and a special introductory price to select Walmart InHome customers.

“The rapidly maturing e-commerce market exposed a vital need for increased package security and food safety in supply chain ‘last mile’ delivery to consumer homes, which HomeValet is designed to solve,” said John Simms, HomeValet Founder and CEO, in announcing the launch. “By connecting consumers, retailers and couriers to a secure end-point outside consumers’ homes, we enable automated delivery of packages, groceries and other goods, and reduce consumers’ time burdens of home delivery and offer convenience and freedom, avoidance of logistics issues and capture large scale efficiencies improving the home delivery experience for consumers and retailers.”

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