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May 1, 2022
Timing Is Everything With HomePage News 2022 Consumer Outlook Report


HomePage News was launched last year by the International Housewares Association at a time when an industry in the midst of an unprecedented confluence of consumer caution and surging demand could benefit from a fresh B2B news and information resource combining decades of editorial and industry service leadership.

The mid-pandemic timing of the launch further underscored the opportunity for HomePage News and IHA to collaborate on a regimen of proprietary market data and analysis to help the industry adapt to volatile swings in purchase influences while identifying new growth paths.

This week’s release of findings and analysis from the HomePage News 2022 Consumer Outlook Survey marks a key milepost in that collaborative journey to equip the home and housewares business with comprehensive, data-backed insights.

The first annual HomePage News Consumer Outlook Survey, commissioned by IHA, assessed key consumer purchase intent factors in 15 core housewares categories from a nationally projectable online poll by Morning Consult of some 4,000 prospective home product shoppers heading into 2022.

The HomePage News 2022 Consumer Outlook report — presented exclusively on HomePageNews.com — provides detailed charts and analytics in a clean, vivid and easy-to-navigate format. It is an illuminating, on-demand tool that can help bring timely precision to strategic home product and marketing development as consumers recalibrate lifestyles and shopping preferences for a post-pandemic era.

The 2022 Consumer Outlook Survey continues the research collaboration between IHA and HomePage News that began with the February release of the IHA/HomePage News 2022 Occasions Report. The in-depth report looks at the life moments consumers expect to celebrate in 2022 and the types of home and housewares products they are likely to buy for each special occasion.

The Outlook and Occasions consumer surveys and reports mark the first of many proprietary industry research collaborations to come between HomePage News and IHA.

“IHA is committed to providing timely and actionable information to the home and housewares community that helps guide product development and marketing strategies toward success,” Leana Salamah, IHA vice president, marketing said about the association’s collaboration on the 2022 HomePage News Outlook report. “A comprehensive look at consumer spending plans assists our members and retail partners in aligning their efforts with the forecasted demands of the consumer.”

Meanwhile, the third annual IHA Market Watch Report, an overview of consumer values and their impact on home product purchasing decisions, is set for release by IHA in April. On top of that, HomePage News and IHA remain committed to providing highly visible, influential platforms for other leading industry analytics providers to share their unique market intelligence.

The timing for such data-backed insights has never been more critical.

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