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January 5, 2024

Widgeteer Finds TikTok Success with Jeanne Fitz Brand

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

Widgeteer, which produces and imports a wide range of kitchen and home items, has found success on TikTok with a viral video showcasing a product from own brand, Jeanne Fitz.

The TikTok video, which highlights the Jeanne Fitz Olive Oil and Vinegar Dripping Tray (pictured above), has amassed nearly a million views to date and boasts over 55K likes. Positioned for at-home gatherings, the tray is designed to elevate the experience of dipping bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar, utilizing separate compartments for a stylish and organized presentation, according to Widgeteer.

The company began the Jeanne Fitz TikTok page in June to build awareness for the brand, said Julia Severance, merchandising coordinator for Widgeteer. Confident that the products would be successful on the platform, Severance said she began testing post times, uploading videos and adding products to TikTok Shop. In early December, she posted the video of the Olive Oil and Vinegar Tray, and within a few hours, the TikTok had over 90,000 views, which only continued to grow from there.

“There are over 70,000 people who have saved the oil and vinegar tray as their favorite. Seventy thousand. If we sold all of those, it would be over $4 million in business. Just that one item, one thing. It’s unbelievable,” said Bill McHenry, president and CEO of Widgeteer. McHenry said the company has seen an uptick in orders for the tray and everything across the brand.

Widgeteer plans to add products to the Jeanne Fitz brand and its Wooden White Collection, which consists of charcuterie boards and housewares.

“We are finding some unique ways to create different ideas using the products, capitalize on what products are successful on the app and just push people through to our website,” Severance said. “I think that’s been a huge aspect of this that a lot of us have been really pleased with because our website is something we’re trying to build traction with. And I think this account has helped a lot with that, too, because now people are looking at it more and more, which has been really great.”

“It’s really clear that we can sell more (products) online,” McHenry added. He said he is hopeful for continued success on the TikTok platform as the company puts out additional videos and partners with new bloggers.

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