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November 5, 2021
Qterra Craft Travel Mug Features On-the-Go Brewing

By Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

The Qterra Craft Travel Brewer allows on-the-go brewing in a temperature-controlled mug.

The craft travel mug has a built-in brew basket for coffee grounds or tea leaves. The brewer stores the grounds or leaves separately, starts and stops brewing on-demand, and brings it down to drinking temperature once the beverage is brewed.

An insulation mode keeps water hot until it’s time to brew, then the twistable dial allows the user to lower the stainless-steel mesh Q-Brew basket into the hot water. The cooling mode quickly brings beverages down to a safe-to-drink temperature with a temperature ring changing color to signal the cooling is done. The Q-Cool Technology uses a USDA-certified biobased material to cool beverages to 140F in less than five minutes.

“We all intuitively know that ‘fresh-brewed’ means rich and flavorful,” says Pierre Baston, founder of Qterra. “Stale is not so good. You wouldn’t accept coffee or tea that’s one, two or three hours old from a coffeehouse. So why accept it from your travel mug? With Qterra, you don’t have to.”

The 12-oz Qterra Craft Travel Brewer is available now for preorder at pr.go2.fund/qterra with an MSRP of $169.

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