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January 4, 2024

Super Saturday Store Traffic Shows Strong Versus Black Friday

Late-season shopping was a boon for discount and dollar stores in the 2023 holiday season.

In-store shopping for discounts and dollar stores peaked on Super Saturday, with Christmas Eve traffic coming in strong as well, according to traffic tracker Placer.ai.

Store traffic on Super Saturday was 144.3% above the sector’s daily average, then 68.3% above average on Christmas Eve. In contrast, traffic on Black Friday was only 39.4% above average, which also fell below peaks experienced on December 2, 62.1% over, December 9, 65.7% over, and December 16, 79.9% over.

For the department store channel, traffic spiked on Black Friday at 228.8% above the daily average but rebounded late season after falling off after Thanksgiving weekend to hit a second peak on Super Saturday at 205.3% above average. Similarly, shopping centers enjoyed a 130% advantage over average on Black Friday, then another traffic peak at 112.1% above mean on Super Saturday. On the other hand, superstore visits were 85.3% above the daily average on Black Friday but 115.4% above average on Super Saturday.

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