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March 28, 2024

Prodyne Introductions Ready Users To Host the Party

Prodyne returned to The Inspired Home Show to showcase a blend of innovative new and cherished classic products, the company noted.

Iced Serving Trays

Among the new products, the versatile dual-function serving tray can support and chill. A top tray for food sits on a bottom ice tray. The ice tray separates for easy disposal of melt water. Handy for indoor or outdoor entertaining, Prodyne stated, it is BPA-free. Dimensions are 17 inches long by 12.5 inches wide. The company has both Charcuterie On Ice and Deviled Eggs on Ice versions.

Charcuterie On Ice, Deviled Eggs On Ice

Duo Dips on Ice

Duo Dips on Ice (pictured above) consists of twin bowls nestled inside a lower ice tray. The two 16-ounce bowls are designed for dips, condiments, or other small foods that need ice to stay fresh, such as shrimp, which can occupy one bowl while the cocktail sauce waits in the other. The ice in the lower tray can keep items on top chilled for hours, Prodyne maintained, and it is easy to empty.

The tray has dual handles for easy carrying and non-skid feet. The materials are BPA-free SAN polymer. Dimensions are 12.5 inches by 5.75  inches by x 3.75 inches high.

Party Buckets

To keep wine cold, Prodyne offers a line of items that can ice bottles of the grape. The Vino Vessel Party Chiller is an elegant oval ribbed wall bucket that can hold up to four wine bottles and plenty of ice, the company asserted. Durable break-resistant styrene polymer makes it easy to transport. Dimensions are 15 inches by 10.5 inches by 8 inches high. The Bubble Wine Bucket has a round contour design with a flared rim for easy carrying and holds up to three wine bottles. It also comes in a break-resistant styrene polymer. Dimensions are 11 inches by 8 inches high.

Froma Cheese Knife

Froma Cheese Knife and Spreader

Prodyne is also introducing the Froma Cheese Knife and Spreader with a unique “kickstand” feature. Users can flip out the hinged arm to hold both the blade and spreader off tabletops and other surfaces. The knife has a 3.5-inch blade, and the spreader has a 3.25-inch blade. Two new cheese knife sets come with a choice of silvery stainless steel or titanium-plated stainless steel in a gold tone.

Party Tubs

The Wave Party Tub arrives on the scene as another oval, but this with a stylish wave rim design, Prodyne stated, and it holds up to four wine bottles. The design makes the durable break-resistant styrene polymer tub easy to carry. Dimensions are 16 inches by 8.5 inches by 10 inches high. The Regent Large Party Tub takes on a round design in a durable styrene polymer with molded-in handles for easy carrying and holds up to five wine bottles. Dimensions are 14 inches (including handles) by 13 inches by 9 inches high. 

Hot Air Balloon Bottle Stoppers


Prodyne offers a range of new cocktail picks and stemware charms as well as colorful acrylic bottle stoppers in balloon-like and holiday designs. It has also released a range of quality stainless steel infusers with chains that attach with a decorative charm in designs ranging from a tiny tea kettle to a heart to a Christmas tree.

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