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March 28, 2024

Cuckoo Delivered Unique Electrics for The Inspired Home Show

Cuckoo Electronics is focused on helping consumers enjoy a conveniently healthy home, with products ranging from small kitchen appliances to bidets, the company stated. When developing products, Cuckoo focuses on three factors: healthy food, fresh air, and clean water. It does so with an eye toward value.

Cuckoo Multicookers & Rice Cookers

In the multicooker and rice cooker category, Cuckoo is offering a 6- and 10-cup, two-atmosphere high-pressure model. Each offers a dual soft steam cap, auto-clean function, water drainage system, energy eye that goes into savings mode when the room is dark, stand-by power on/off switch, direct touch panel plus voice navigation, detachable cover for easy cleaning and 23 safety features. Various smart programs make use easier, and a six-layer curved pot with stainless steel helps achieve optimum cooking results.

Cuckoo Water Purification

The In&Out Auto Disinfection Water Purifier eliminates harmful waterborne impurities. With the tankless construction, water moves through the Cuckoo system and emerges 99.9% disinfected, the company stated. Filter replacement is a simple three-step process. The water tank is stainless steel with temperature presets that can heat weather up to boiling.

Cuckoo Air Purification

In air purification, Cuckoo offers a smart, clean sensor system with a display on the device to alert users to levels of ultrafine dust in the air. A three-stage filtration system takes care not only of dust, the company noted, but also larger particles such as pet hair and harmful gasses such as polyaldehyde and toluene. Cuckoo air purifiers are compact enough so they can be readily positioned in just about any room in the house. The appliance operates in three modes, automatic, eco-sleep and turbo, and it signals when the filter needs changing.

Cuckoo Bidet

The Cuckoo Bidet has an electrolysis inner tube, nozzle, and toilet disinfection. It mounts an eight-way automatic moving full stainless steel nozzle, four-in-one cleansing, and bubble toilet cleansing. The company indicated that filter positioning makes replacement easy.

Cuckoo Air Shower & Dry Room

For pets, the Air Shower & Dry Room is a cabinet that blows away various kinds of dirt and related contaminants from pets. It also can dry wet dogs quickly and, as an option, it can provide an aromatherapy function. Two fans rotate at different speeds to breeze away everything from dust to loose hair to mites in fur. It can even function as a cool room for pets in situations of high heat. The company offers a three-step training process to adapt pets to an appliance that already has a safety door and low-noise operation.

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