Home Gallery | 2024 gia Finalists: Personal Care, Cleaning, Organization
April 11, 2024

Gallery | 2024 gia Finalists: Personal Care, Cleaning, Organization

The International Housewares Association’s Global Innovation Awards (gia) for Product Design honor exhibitors’ latest creations and cutting-edge innovations with award recognition, distinguishing five finalists in 14 categories.

The Global Honorees & Finalists are chosen in the following categories:

  • Bath + Personal Care
  • Cleaning
  • Cook + Bakeware
  • Home Decor + Gifts
  • Household + Home Electronics
  • Home Organization + Storage
  • Kitchen Electrics
  • Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery
  • Kitchenware
  • Luggage, Travel Goods + Accessories
  • Pet Products
  • Smart Home Products
  • Sustainable Products
  • Tabletop
View the finalists from Bath + Personal Care, Cleaning and Home Organization + Storage:

Dorai Home Inc. Large Bath Stone Mat*

Bath + Personal Care

The Large Bath Stone Mat is designed to instantly remove moisture, helping to prevent mold and mildew and can be arranged in a rectangle, straight line, U-shape and more.

Farberware by Everplush Bath Towel

Bath + Personal Care

With a patented dual loop structure, the Everplush Bath Towels feel like cotton but perform like microfiber. The outer loops of cotton feel soft, while the inner loops of microfiber absorb water quickly and dry fast. The Diamond Jacquard construction is lightweight and strong, with a stylish design, said the company.

Madesmart Expandable In-Drawer Dental Tray

Bath + Personal Care

The Madesmart Drying Stone Quick-Dry Expandable In-Drawer Dental Tray provides an in-drawer storage solution for all your dental care tools and supplies. The clear tray features an expandable wing that adjusts to fit any size drawer. The expandable wing allows the tray to sit on the sides of the drawer, adding an extra level of storage. The main compartment of the tray features a Drying Stone insert that sits beneath the stored toothbrush, toothpaste, or other dental care items. The Drying Stone rapidly evaporates any run-off or excess moisture and contains naturally occurring antimicrobial properties, preventing the growth of bacteria. The entire bottom of the tray features a series of holes for optimal aeration.

Sanimaid ApS Stockholm Toilet Brush

Bath + Personal Care

The Sanimaid Stockholm Toilet Brush is beautifully designed with a minimalist look that fits perfectly into any bathroom environment and ensures better hygiene. The environment has been thought of, as the durability is long and does not need to be continuously replaced, and the materials are 90% recycled quality materials. The holder can be used both as a floor model or wall-mounted, ensuring easy cleaning around the toilet. The wall-mounted holder is easily set up without the use of screws with the included 3M wall bracket. The holder also has a smart lid, so you can easily clean the holder without having to disassemble it first. The toilet brush itself is the all-new and original Sani·Flex bristleless model, where the head is made of a flexible and water-repellent material, which easily and effectively cleans the entire toilet bowl, even under the rim and avoids water dripping. The handle is extra long and massive, which ensures good hygiene, ergonomics, and strength.

Shenzhen Shuye Technology Co. Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush

Bath + Personal Care

The Laifen Wave is a next-generation, dual-action electric toothbrush that combines ultra-wide oscillations with high-frequency vibrations. Powered by Laifen’s proprietary high-response servo system, the Wave achieves 3x higher brushing efficiency compared to traditional electric toothbrushes, promoting healthier teeth while simultaneously protecting the gums, said the company. The Wave has a sleek, modern aesthetic achieved through its seamless single-piece design, free of any gaps. This design not only enhances its appearance but also enables it to achieve an IPX7 water resistance rating, making it extremely convenient to clean. Its handle, modern and compact, comes in three materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, and ABS offering a variety of choices to suit different preferences.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Scrubber Set*


With the Cast Iron Scrubber Set, consumers can scrub the dirt off their cast iron cookware without scraping the seasoning. The cast iron skillet can also be nursed back to health, revitalized and renewed from rusted or corroded cast iron to a fresh slate to create new layers of seasoning, which will eventually result in a non-stick pan.

FreeForm Brush Inc. FreeForm 360


The FreeForm 360 paintbrush has a patented grip-free design and effortless 2-finger rotation, providing superior control, unmatched comfort and greatly reduced fatigue. Consumers can paint all day without cramped or aching hands, said FreeForm. It features interchangeable brush-head cartridges with unlimited filament and size options, an optional mini roller attachment, magnetic stabilization, a 4-way lock feature and more.

Gleener Swift Battery-Free Fabric Shaver


With no batteries required, the Gleener Swift Fabric Shaver has two fabric-safe edges that remove pilling, bobbles, and fuzz from most fabrics. Engineered to maintain high functionality while eliminating the use of virgin plastic and reducing overall production materials, Gleener Swift has an ergonomic handle with a built-in edge storage compartment. Swift is designed to fit in a purse, desk drawer or suitcase, with the extra edge conveniently stowed inside the handle, protecting it from damage and loss. Swift is gentle, effective, and easy to use – switch between Edge #1 and Edge #2 using the quick-release button. Users can de-pill chunky knit scarves, fleece outerwear, cashmere/merino sweaters, indoor/outdoor furniture, winter socks, wool coats and more.

Plaspak Plastik ve Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret Super Easy Shiny Surfaces Cleaning Set


The set comes in a compact, all-included format: bucket, wringer and 2-in-1 squeegee with a microfiber pad. The wringer is patented pending.

Sanimaid Stainremover-XL Starter Set


This cleaning tool is made from 80% recycled materials with velcro, including one EcoScrub scouring pad and one AllScrub abrasive cleaning pad. The Stainremover-XL is a smart tool for cleaning the shower, bathtub, sinks and other surfaces where there may be limescale stains or where you simply want to clean thoroughly. Both pads are reusable and the ECOscrub is also washable for a better economy and sustainability. The major advantages of the tool are the ergonomic handle, which makes cleaning easier on the wrist, and the soft edges that allow you to easily clean even tricky areas such as edges and curved surfaces, said the company.

Delta Cycle Pivot Bike Storage Rack*

Home Organization + Storage

The Pivot Rack is a solution for bicycle storage and organization. Designed with ingenuity and functionality at its core, the new rack addresses the common challenges faced by cyclists when it comes to storing their bikes efficiently. The rack is made to be easy to use; consumers roll the bike onto the rack and go with no heavy lifting required. The pivoting design enables users to pivot their bikes against the wall in either direction with a total of 150 degrees of rotation, minimizing the space occupied by the bicycle. It can be mounted to remain securely in place and adjust in height to adapt to different-sized bikes.

Evriholder Products Telescopic Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

Home Organization + Storage

The Telescopic Over-The-Sink Drying Rack is a dish drying rack that rolls over kitchen sinks to keep countertops dry when washing dishes. Its telescopic design extends up to 20.5 inches, adjustable to custom-fit most kitchen sinks. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, the drying rack’s durable nature holds up under hefty pots and supports delicate glassware alike. The ends are accented with silicone to prevent slipping while also protecting sinks and counters from scratches. When not in use, it can be rolled up for compact storage. The rack is heat-resistant up to 430°F and is dishwasher safe.

Joseph Joseph Tota 90L Laundry Separation Basket

Home Organization + Storage

This smart laundry basket features a host of practical features that help make a wash day less of a chore, said the company. Beneath the lid, it has two 45-liter fabric tote bags, allowing the consumer to separate washing into light and dark/colored fabrics. Each bag has handles at the top, enabling the user to conveniently lift and carry it straight to the machine and a helper handle on the base to make emptying easier. When replacing each bag in the basket, there are no ties or buttons to do up, as the self-locating rim ensures it drops perfectly back into place, ready for the next load.

Polder Products Harmony Dish Rack

Home Organization + Storage

The Polder Harmony dish rack is a 5-piece drying station that offers modular drying components to handle any clean-up needs. Features include a full surface two-piece bamboo drying grid, an expansive 3-section utensil bin with knife holder, an eight-plate dish holder with long-knife slots, and a steep angled lower drain surface and rotating spout that drains excess water into the sink. The sturdy bamboo frame construction and protective side wall gates offer long-life use.

YouCopia StoraRoll 3-in-1 Wrap Dispenser

Home Organization + Storage

StoraRoll Wrap Dispenser organizes three rolls of kitchen wrap or aluminum foil in cabinet drawers. Users can reduce waste by making a clean, straight cut every time. It features a removable lid and replaceable safety cutting blades for many years of use and is made from factory-scrap recycled ABS plastic that’s easy to maintain.

*Winners are denoted with an asterisk.

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