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April 12, 2024

Gallery | 2024 gia Finalists: Cook + Bakeware, Kitchenware, Tabletop

By: Chandler Harvey

Managing Editor

The International Housewares Association’s Global Innovation Awards (gia) for Product Design honor exhibitors’ latest creations and cutting-edge innovations with award recognition, distinguishing five finalists in 14 categories.

The Global Honorees & Finalists are chosen in the following categories:

  • Bath + Personal Care
  • Cleaning
  • Cook + Bakeware
  • Home Decor + Gifts
  • Household + Home Electronics
  • Home Organization + Storage
  • Kitchen Electrics
  • Kitchen Hand Tools + Cutlery
  • Kitchenware
  • Luggage, Travel Goods + Accessories
  • Pet Products
  • Smart Home Products
  • Sustainable Products
  • Tabletop
View the finalists from Cook + Bakeware, Kitchenware and Tabletop:

AeroPress Clear Coffee Press with Flow Control Filter Cap

Cook + Bakeware

The classic AeroPress coffee model is now available in crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan. The 3-in-1 brew technology combines the best of several brew methods into one easy-to-use, very portable device, said the company. The new Flow Control Filter Cap uses a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate drip through and maximize control over the brewing process. This cap fits on AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go and AeroPress Clear coffee makers and can be used with metal and paper filters – together or separately.

Brod & Taylor Baking Shell

Cook + Bakeware

The Baking Shell turns bread baking tradition on its head, said Brod & Taylor. Consumers just slide the bread dough onto any flat baking surface in the oven and place the lightweight shell over it. No pre-heating is required. Heat quickly passes through the shell while it also traps steam for the classic sourdough rise and a crackling crispy crust. With the Baking Shell, users get the same results as traditional pre-heated and heavy cast iron vessels, without the stress of preheating, lugging around a searing hot and heavy pot and lowering the dough into the pot without burning your hands, the company stated.

Joseph Joseph Space 10-Piece Cookware Set*

Cook + Bakeware

Space cookware has innovative folding handles with a patent pending swing lock fail-safe mechanism and a 20-year lifetime tested guarantee. The cookware boasts outstanding performance, hardwearing, non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating and is PTFE/PFOA-free, said Joseph Joseph. It is oven-safe to 220ºC/428ºF, with durable, heavy-gauge aluminum bodies that are induction-compatible and dishwasher-safe.

The Cookware Company Tucci by GreenPan

Cook + Bakeware

Stanley Tucci partnered with GreenPan to create a cookware collection from the ground up, focusing on innovations that take cooking to the next level. Made in Italy at GreenPan’s facility, these pans were designed to blend refined architectural details with pioneering technology. The Plasma Tech treatment complements GreenPan’s ceramic nonstick for PFAS-free performance and durability. GreenPan’s woven induction base stays flat and delivers results on all stovetops. Each aspect of this set was individually considered for daily use, from the curved saucepan edges that offer easy stirring to the pasta pot with a built-in strainer.

Dreamfarm Corpeel*


Corpeel is a no-mess corn peeler that folds for safe and compact storage. It quickly and easily peels fresh corn from the cob without making a mess, then directs the cut kernels down its chute and into a neat pile. Its unique kernel chute folds in to become a built-in blade cover for safe and compact storage. The curved Japanese stainless steel blade is at the perfect depth and angle to ensure whole kernels are stripped without digging into the corn cob.

KitchInventions Icebreaker Nordic Pop 2.0


The Icebreaker Nordic Pop 2.0 is the new sanitary ice tray for the freezer. It is great for small freezers as it is watertight and can be placed in any orientation while freezing, said the company. Each Icebreaker makes 18 1-inch ice cubes.

Madesmart "Everything Over the Sink" Station


The Everything Over the Sink Station is a kitchen tool for creating a customized and adaptable workstation over the sink. In its basic form, the stainless-steel rack provides a space to dry dishes while suspended over the sink, held by two sturdy, stainless-steel, expandable wings that rest securely on the edges of the sink or countertop. This allows countertops to remain free of clutter and excess water. The station comes equipped with a removable cutting board that can sit securely on top of the dish rack. An attachable colander can be placed on one side while a food-safe storage container attaches to the opposite side using designated brackets.

Progressive International Cookie ProKeeper+


The Cookie ProKeeper+ is designed with Stay Fresh Technology; it includes an Airtight Silicone Seal and a unique Terracotta disk that keep cookies, brownies, marshmallows, dried fruits, and other baked goods fresh and chewy longer. This versatile storage container offers a modular design that allows you to stack any two keepers for optimal pantry or counter storage. The Cookie ProKeeper+ has a three quart capacity.

Swish Rocks Swish Craft Cocktail Jigger


Cocktail enthusiasts take their craft seriously, said the company. Having the right tools to blend the perfect cocktail is key, and the most commonly used measuring tool in mixology is the jigger. Swish has re-imagined the jigger with a unique design meant to be the showpiece of your home bar.

Asobu Bestie Bottle - Penguin


Asobu Bestie Bottle is a stainless steel kids’ water bottle with a penguin head.

Asobu Duplex Tumbler


Duplex Tumbler serves as a 22-oz. travel coffee mug with a stand that turns into an insulated cooler for your standard 12-oz. beer can. Both compartments are vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel, so coffee will stay hot while beer stays cold.

Gourmet Kitchen Works Leopold Vienna Otto*


The Otto coffee series by Leopold Vienna is characterized by a minimalist design featuring a combination of square and round shapes. The coffee maker is crafted from double-walled heat-resistant borosilicate glass, ensuring that the coffee stays at temperature and retains its flavor for a longer period.

LARQ PureVis 2


The LARQ PureVis 2 enhances water quality with two-stage filtration and purification for clean, better-tasting water anytime, anywhere. It automatically tracks hydration consumption and sets hydration goals via the LARQ App. PureVis technology activates every two hours to keep your bottle clean and stink-free.

Prepara Tacopillar Taco Holder


Loosely inspired by the children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, Prepara’s Tacopillar taco holder combines the whimsical charm of a caterpillar with a functional taco-eating design. This creative fusion adds a touch of childhood nostalgia to a practical dining accessory, making it a delightful and innovative addition to the market, said the company.

*Winners are denoted with an asterisk.

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