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June 15, 2021
Ace Survey Reveals Pandemic Grilling Habits
Ace Survey Reveals Pandemic Grilling Habits


A new survey commissioned by Ace Hardware survey reveals the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on grilling habits, with 15% of grillers purchasing a new grill during the pandemic.

According to the survey, 15% of grillers said they used the cooking method more often during the pandemic. Feeling more productive and fulfilled was the main reason to grill cited by 17% of survey respondents. Other top reasons to grill were to fill the time (15%), a chance to be creative (14%)  and a sense of freedom (13%). More than 60% of owners surveyed prepared one or two meals on their grills each week on average during the pandemic, while 21% grilled three to five meals a week. Grillers advanced their techniques during the pandemic, with 21% trying more technical and/or new sorts of grilling, such as smoking, rotisserie and preparing fish dishes, according to Ace.

When asked if they might host a barbecue for friends and family, 41% of survey respondents said they were very likely to host a backyard barbecue this summer.

Among the key summer holidays, Fourth of July ranked top barbecue occasions among grillers, at 30%, with the Independence Day enthusiasts calling it a must activity as part of the festivities.

When shopping, 46% of respondents said features are the most important factor when deciding on a new grill, followed by price at 23%, and brand at 12%.



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