Home Color Cues: Michelle Lamb, The Trend Curve (Part 1)
September 14, 2022

Color Cues: Michelle Lamb, The Trend Curve (Part 1)

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Color Cues is an exclusive HomePage News video series hosted by Tom Mirabile, founder of Springboard Futures and consumer trend forecaster for the International Housewares Association and HomePage News.

In each episode of Color Cues, Mirabile will be joined by noted color experts, forecasters and influencers to explore the power of color in the home and housewares marketplace. Color Cues will provide product developers, marketers and retailers with actionable observations and insights on the evolving role of color in home and housewares — revealing trends, inspiration and marketing opportunities.

This episode is part one of a two-part discussion with Michelle Lamb, editorial director of The Trend Curve, a business-to-business newsletter that forecasts trends in color, pattern and design for manufacturers, interior designers and retailers. Lamb also creates The Trend Curve Colors color-and-trend forecasts for everyday décor, spring/summer, fall and Christmas.

Color Cues is presented by HomePage News with the educational support of the International Housewares Association.

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