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February 15, 2024

TrendBible’s Ward To Reveal ‘Householder’ Shifts During Inspired Home Show Keynote

Anna Ward, Consultancy Innovation Lead for U.K.-based futures agency TrendBible, is slated to deliver the opening keynote during The Inspired Home Show 2024.

Ward’s presentation, set for 10 a.m. Sunday, March 17, will explore what’s driving change in the home and housewares industry by providing insights on key shifts impacting the way consumer householders will think, feel and act.

Amid challenges such as inflation and consumer spending pressures, industry leaders are strategically resetting their business models, Ward said. This involves enhancing retail relationships, connecting with consumers, introducing new products and optimizing operational efficiency, she added.

In the following interview, Ward (pictured above) previews what attendees can anticipate from her keynote and discusses some of the primary challenges and opportunities confronting the housewares business.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at TrendBible.


Anna Ward: As Consultancy Innovation Lead at TrendBible, I’m responsible for making sure our work is effectively supporting our customers to innovate and fulfil their strategic brand goals. Bringing new considerations, behavioral shifts and design inspiration to the forefront for brands is key to helping them stay one step ahead of the consumer to meet their needs.


What fuels your inspiration? 


Ward: People! I could spend hours people-watching and observing behaviors in stores and third spaces, why people make the decisions they do, and how people interact with products and design.


What will you be speaking about in your “2025 Global Householder Trends” keynote at The Inspired Home Show? Why this topic is important for show attendees?


Ward: I’ll be covering global householder trends impacting householders in 2025 and highlighting the vital shifts we expect to see. From the rise in transient lifestyles leading to more multi-generational homes to an abundance of creativity as Gen Z lead the way in expressing themselves. I’ll be touching on low-desire lifestyles and how some consumers are seeking new luxuries by powering down and logging off in search of better balance.  I’ll also discuss how these consumer macro trends will manifest in product design, looking at mood, color, materials and finish.


What do you see as consumers’ biggest concerns regarding housewares products and how to shop for them?


Ward: The tension between sustainability and cost of living will cause consumers to re-evaluate their non-negotiables. Particularly younger consumers who are feeling the financial pinch but are more invested in making sustainable choices than other generations — it’s their future that’s at stake. The way we shop has changed so much in recent years; retail must evolve to stay relevant, and brands have to offer a reason to pull consumers into stores.


What are some of today’s trends or issues that new product development professionals and/or retailers face in the housewares market?


Ward: Space has become a premium and with growing transient lifestyles and portability is becoming more and more important. We’re also becoming an ageing population, causing multi-generational households to become the norm. Designing products which meet a wide audience’s needs through multi-function and accessibility will be important. With the addition of cost and climate concerns for product developers to consider, the innovation brief has some firm parameters to navigate.

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