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January 17, 2024

Cookware & Bakeware Alliance Grew Membership, Engagement in 2023

The Cookware and Bakeware Alliance (CBA) cited growth in membership and social media engagement among the trade group’s 2023 achievements.

Fran Groesbeck, CBA managing director, reported a 41% year-over-year increase in CBA membership in 2023.

“(Membership growth) is a testament to the industry’s recognition of the association’s value and the myriad benefits it provides to its members,” Groesbeck said.

The CBA reported and a 70% increase in LinkedIn engagement versus 2022 to go with a 70% year-over-year gain in page views for the CBA website (www.cookwareandbakeware.org).

“This surge exemplifies the industry’s eagerness to access the wealth of valuable resources and information provided by the CBA,” Groesbeck said.

The CBA in 2023 put in motion a five-year strategic plan as part of a goal to be more responsive to the evolving needs of the industry, Groesbeck said, noting the CBA conducted a thorough review and revision of its “Mission & Values.” The CBA also realigned its committees to reflect the four pillars of its alliance mission: engineering, engagement, education and expertise.

In 2024, the CBA will continue to expand its global partnership with the Federation of the European Industry and Cutlery Industries (FEC), a move Groesbeck said fosters a unified global approach to key industry issues. The CBA and FEC have collaborated to provide a central outlet for information about PFAS chemical legislation impacting non-stick cookware and a wide range of food-related housewares products. CBA and FEC have worked with the International Housewares Association on a series of virtual and in-person education sessions updating the housewares industry on PFAS-related developments.

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