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August 23, 2022

Williams Sonoma Extends Capacity To Hold Everything for Consumers

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With consumers looking to arrange their homes as lifestyles require, Williams Sonoma is expanding its Hold Everything collection, one that offers organizational, storage and cleaning products for every room in the home.

With the expansion, the Williams-Sonoma namesake banner will  provide shoppers with additional designs to maximize space and provide organizational solutions in a clean, modern aesthetic. 

The collection includes storage for countertops, shelves, refrigerators and pantries, the company stated. Designed for function and style, new in-drawer organizers, stacking shelf-risers and bins arrive as storage solutions for cabinets and drawers, while products developed for the refrigerator allow customers to arrange stackable storage that keeps food easily visible and within reach. Pantry storage items added to the collection keep food fresh and organized with stacking glass containers and airtight ashwood lids, Williams-Sonoma noted.

As part of the Hold Everything expansion, Williams Sonoma has partnered with Shira Gill, organizational expert and author of The Minimalista, to develop a video series with tips and ideas that use the collection as part of bringing order to the home including the kitchen and more.

“As customers continue to spend more time in their home than ever before, we are seeing an increased interest in storage solutions and products that help with cleaning and organization,” said Williams Sonoma president Felix Carbullido, in announcing the expansion. “Our design teams will continue to develop the Hold Everything collection to provide smart, sustainable solutions to address the evolving needs of our customers.”

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