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February 6, 2024

Wayfair Offering Decorify Room Modeling on Apple Vision Pro

In an initiative that brings 3D capabilities to virtual shopping, Wayfair is giving Apple Vision Pro users access to Decorify, Wayfair’s generative AI pilot application.

The app gives users the means to quickly and easily redesign their spaces in familiar and new styles in an immersive environment, Wayfair indicated. Apple Vision Pro users can already find the Wayfair Decorify app in the visionOS App Store.

The Decorify app on Apple Vision Pro provides users with a variety of ways to see their spaces redesigned. They can upload an image of a space, take a photo from the device or use one of the sample images provided by the Decorify app. Whether it’s bohemian, mid-century modern, industrial or any other of a popular style range, Decorify presents images of a customer’s designated room redesigned to reflect the requested look and feel. Customers can browse various room designs and purchase products from Wayfair that suit their preferences, the company noted. 

Designed to employ spatial computing, Decorify enables users to view and select Wayfair items in 3D directly from the virtual spaces they survey on the app to see how they look and fit. 

According to Wayfair, Apple Vision Pro users on the Decorify app can:

  • Upload unlimited photos and delete them whenever they want.
  • Shop across a wide selection of the Wayfair catalog directly from their virtual room settings.
  • Place and move accurate 3D virtual product representations of products in their rooms.
  • Check out new room filters, including Pleasantly Peach and Valentine’s Day that can prompt additional design inspiration.

“We constantly evaluate new and existing channels and technologies to explore how we can improve the home shopping experience for our customers,” said Wayfair Chief Technology Officer Fiona Tan. “Apple Vision Pro represents an innovative new way for shoppers to style their rooms and experience our catalog directly in their homes. We can’t wait to learn how our customers use Apple Vision Pro to explore their spaces and find their perfect item.”

Shrenik Sadalgi, Wayfair director of research and development, added, “We have long believed spatial computing is the next evolution of computing where information is not bound by the 2D screen and the space around you becomes an integral part of your experience. We’re excited to continue our journey exploring and defining new techniques, interfaces, and paradigms in the spatial computing era. With Wayfair Decorify for visionOS, you can capture a photo of your space, reimagine it as multiple spatial designs, and then make it a reality, all within seconds.”

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