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February 24, 2022

Walmart Scheduling Shoppable Content with TalkShopLive

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Talkshoplive, a streaming, social buying and selling platform, is working with Walmart on a regularly scheduled shoppable content series.

The initiative began this month and continues through March, according to TalkShopLive.

The move to regularly scheduled programming follows a recent agreement between Walmart and TalkShopLive that resulted in four live shopping shows over the holiday season with creators including Rachael Ray, Drew Barrymore, Ree Drummond and IGN. The shows experienced strong engagement and positive sales directly as a result, TalkShopLive stated.

The company noted that it and Walmart began a trial run in 2021, allowing the retailer to provide shoppable content through TalkShopLive’s embeddable video player directly on Walmart.com/live, MSN shopping tab and other product partner sites. Through a patent-pending video player, consumers can purchase products within the video content, removing the friction in path-to-purchase with a system that is embeddable on almost any site. The integration allows Walmart’s distribution partners to produce and share shoppable live content of their own, TalkShopLive indicated, to spread brand awareness and increase sales conversion.

“As a scalable live commerce solution for businesses and creators of all sizes, Walmart is expanding its partnership with TalkShopLive,” said Casey Schlaybaugh, Walmart vp of brand, in announcing the initiative. “The success of our initial launch has proven TalkShopLive as the partner to give Walmart’s customers live, shoppable content embeddable within Walmart’s e-commerce platform. We are excited to use TalkShopLive as a tool to continue connecting with our customers, bringing both entertainment and product information to one place.”

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