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January 12, 2023

Walmart, Salesforce Strike Deal on B2B Services

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As it pursues B2B initiatives, Walmart has announced a partnership with software developer Salesforce to provide retailers with access to technologies and solutions that power local pickup and delivery.

Retailers now can tap Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist local fulfillment app and Walmart GoLocal local delivery solutions through Salesforce AppExchange to help them operate in today’s hybrid shopping world.

The partnership with Salesforce will provide retailers access to the scalable technologies that Walmart uses, enabling them to personalize and establish easy commerce experiences with real-time order visibility and reliable local pickup and delivery.

The ability to create and manage complex in-house, omnichannel solutions can be a challenge for retailers, Walmart noted. So the company has worked to pioneer and scale innovative omnichannel technologies. The Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist app can help retailers leverage their local stores as fulfillment centers. With Store Assist, retailers can optimize in-store fulfillment by improving picking accuracy, speed and efficiency, the company maintained. The app provides a seamless handoff between employees and customers or third-party delivery drivers. With Walmart GoLocal, retailers of all sizes have access to white-label, delivery-as-a-service technology that provides a satisfying experience for their customers.

In announcing the Salesforce partnership, Anshu Bhardwaj, senior vp, technology strategy and commercialization, Walmart Global Technology, said. “Through this partnership, retailers can leverage the same innovative and scalable technologies that power Walmart’s pickup and delivery experiences. The same technology that powers Store Assist has enabled Walmart to fulfill over 830 million orders across over 4,700 Walmart stores. Together with Salesforce, retailers can scale their business and deliver the personalized, convenient experiences shoppers expect.”

Rob Garf, vp and general manager of retail, Salesforce, added, “Shoppers continue to expect brands to deliver highly connected and frictionless experiences across physical and digital touchpoints. In fact, one in five online orders placed the weekend before Christmas was picked up in-store. With the combined power of Walmart and Salesforce, retailers can drive success with best-in-class technology to advance their omnichannel capabilities, drive efficiency and ensure that every purchase quickly gets into the hands of the shopper no matter where they are.”

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