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January 4, 2022

Walmart Expands Organization Solutions with The Home Edit

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By: Mike Duff

Contributing Editor

Walmart is expanding its assortment of home goods by launching an exclusive collaboration with The Home Edit co-founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin.

Anthony Soohoo, executive vice president, home, Walmart U.S., announced in a blog post The Home Edit offers products and services to help consumers declutter their households and even has a Netflix presence with the show “Get Organized with The Home Edit.” 

Soohoo characterized the new Home Edit collection as an element in Walmart’s expansion of high-quality, stylish and affordable home goods and décor, which has included the addition of national brands such as Delonghi, Dyson, KitchenAid, Nespresso and Casper, as well as exclusive partnerships involving Gap Home, The Pioneer Woman, Queer Eye, My Texas House and Beautiful by Drew Barrymore.

Over the past year and a half, Walmart customers have been spending more time in their homes, Soohoo asserted, which prompted a bigger investment in domestic organization. As the home has become a more important foundation for work, school, meals, fitness and a good night’s sleep for consumers, clutter can start piling up. As such, he pointed out, Walmart customers began seeking organization solutions, with specific interest in clear acrylic storage.

Yet, despite increased demand, 70% of Walmart customers say that they really don’t know where to start when it comes to organizing their homes, Soohoo indicated. With the arrival of the New Year, more consumers will turn to refreshing and decluttering their domestic spaces. As such, January is the perfect time to bring Walmart customers an exclusive collection from The Home Edit.

Already launched, The Home Edit collection is a comprehensive organization solution that is stylish and functional, Soohoo noted, with products that are designed to work together for just about any storage and organization purpose. At launch, the collection includes four organizing starter packs, or Edits, that are organization solutions for specific rooms in the home such as the pantry, bathroom and laundry room, as well as a multi-purpose pack that can be used for various home spaces. It also offers an array of additional products and packs including an ornament organizer for holiday storage, stackable bins, risers and related items.

Soohoo stated that the Home Edit co-founders’ signature clear-style product formulations make stored items easily visible and provide consistency, making spaces more aesthetically enjoyable while inspiring consumers to keep their homes organized.

Items in the collection range in price between $9.98 and $24.98, Soohoo added, offering Walmart customers high-quality clear storage products at a fraction of the price they might pay at a specialty store.

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